6+ Best Hair Care Tips for any Season

Are you obsessed with long, shiny, and nourished hair? But, it all remains a dream because you can’t manage enough time to care for your hair. Additionally, most of us are following only chemical substances to grow hair healthy, magically. Don’t fall for the false promises from those profit-minding manufacturers who don’t give a damn about your hair.

On the other hand, it’s not always about what you use externally on your hair and scalp. Proper nutrition makes sure that your body parts, even hair, get equal chances to grow and glow. Here are a few proven tips that will keep your hair naturally beautiful, strong, and healthy.

Keep Maintaining a Regular Wash Regime

Washing your hair frequently is important, especially when you have to go out for work and other needs. Your scalp should be free from excessive oil and dirt so that hair can grow without any interruption. However, over-washing your hair is not a good thing.

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When you overly wash your hair, you are forcing the scalp’s natural oils to wash away. And, the scalp will generate more oil. As a consequence, you can experience oily scalp and hair. So, observe your scalp type and then decide whether you require shampoo today or not. And, use SLS and paraben-free shampoos for less damaged hair. Mild shampoos might take time to suit your hair type. So, keep experimenting and choose the one that suits your hair. 

Don’t Forget to Condition

Due to excessive chemicals in the shampoo, our hair tends to go dry and rough after a few hours of shampoo. Well, thanks to the already-existing frizziness of our hair, it can turn into a never-ending puzzle to some of us. To smooth the hair, conditioner is a must-have. In addition, if you apply too much heat to your strands then hair conditioners are saviors.

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However, there’s one thing that we wish to rectify when it comes to hair conditioners. Make sure that you apply conditioners at hair strands or at the hair length. Don’t apply conditioner on the scalp; otherwise, it can lead to drastic hair fall. Rinse conditioner off your hair after the suggested period for conditioning. 

Oil your Hair

Has your hair-dresser asked you to skip on your regular oil massage on your hair? Well, they might have forbidden you to apply mineral oil on your scalp. But, there are plenty of advantages of oils such as almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

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So, when should you apply oil to your scalp and hair strands? Consider oiling and massaging your scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment. Oils help in growing hair, controlling split ends, and restoring moisture to your hair strands. 

Dry your Hair without Appliances

Blow drying might add additional charm to your hair but excessive heat can damage your hair. When it’s not a party day or special occasion. Try to air-dry your hair. While you’re using a towel to dry your hair, go with gentle strokes rather than forceful operations.

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It will be better if you use an old, cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. In addition, never ever try to brush your wet hair. Wet hair is prone to breakage and you might face more hair loss due to tangled and wet hair. Never sleep in wet hair, as well.

Try an Egg Treatment

Eggs are whole protein and the protein can condition your hair naturally. If you’re dealing with dry and frizzy hair then egg whites can help you. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use egg yolk for your hair. Use the whole egg mixture or the egg-white on your scalp and hair.

Using Eggs for Hair Growth: Benefits & Side Effects
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Make sure that your scalp is clean and your hair is damp. Wait for twenty minutes and rinse off with a mild-fragrance shampoo.

Take Care of your Nutrition

Hair consists of amino acids and they are the functional units of protein. If you don’t feed them the right nutrition then they would turn dull, eventually. As you’re applying an egg mask on your hair, consider having eggs in your diet plan. 

The Role of Nutrition in Hair Loss: What to Eat to Keep Your Hair Healthy
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Besides eggs, include nuts, fish, sweet potatoes, berries, and green leafy vegetables into your diet. Iron deficiency can be another cause of hair loss. Ensure that you don’t run out of sufficient vitamin and mineral demands for your body. Moreover, drink at least two to three litres of water daily to keep hydration locked in your body and hair.

Things you should Avoid for your Lustrous Hair

Afterward, don’t go for hot showers. Hot showers can lead to your scalp being dry and prone to dandruff. Make sure that you don’t take additional stress. Try meditation and pursue your hobbies for best practices. Unnecessary stress can cause more hair fall. Avoid hair styling appliances that make use of heat. Dying, perming, and chemical hair treatments can interrupt hair growth by affecting hair follicles.

While practicing all these tips for your hair, have some patience. Results might differ from one hair type to another. All you need is consistency and love for yourself. See you soon!


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