4 Best Tech Trends Emerging from 2021

We are now living in the era of the pandemic and some things have completely changed. It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 has become a part of mankind and the world is adjusting to the new normal. Mandatories such as social distancing, stay-at-home, etc trends have disrupted social and professional life. However, that couldn’t stop us from functioning in society’s culture. 

USC experts explore how new technology can help combat the coronavirus
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The credit goes to all the advancements of technologies that have really found solid solutions to avoid that long-term impact of COVID-19. Businesses, consumers, and everyone are getting benefited from such technological trends. Let’s have a look at these magnificent tech trends that have initialized a new chapter even in the pandemic period.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payment Definition
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We have to admit that contactless payments couldn’t be more appropriate than in this situation. Whereas cash might carry the germ, contactless payments make sure that you need not worry about touching them. Be it digital payment platforms or digital cards, payments have got simplified. Yeah, contactless payments were there before the pandemic struck the globe. Still, the boost in the use of contactless payments is one of the COVID 19 technology innovations.

Online Learning

Social distancing has made us learn that dematerialization can have proficiency in the field of education. With the rising cases of infection, more than 1.6 billion students are forced to stay at home and not attend school. But, this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn from anywhere. Thanks to all those video conferencing tools, learning applications, and e-learning software, children can pursue learning at their own pace. 

5 Ways to Make Distance Learning Effective for Students
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However, every student should have access to a network-enabled device and steady internet connectivity in order to avail of remote learning facilities. The brighter side of this technology is that now more and more children can take advantage of remote learning. No doubt, the advent of the 5G network will accelerate the possibilities.

Remote Workspace

As the infection started to engulf country after country, many renowned companies declared work from home compulsory. Remote work requires cloud technology, virtual meetings, voice over Internet protocols, VPNs, collaboration tools, and much more. Remote working can control the spread of the virus. Additionally, employees can accomplish their workloads in a more flexible manner.

How Remote Working Is Reshaping A Future New World Of Work
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But, it’s not all about cupcakes and rainbow when it comes to work-from-home culture. Challenges are there and they can be threatening to both employees and the concerned companies. Cyber attacks can take place if the workspace is not safe enough. Additionally, not every type of job profile can be completed by the remote work facility.


Health issues have been bothering too much and it has become quite difficult for people to go to healthcare facilities during the surge of COVID 19. Telehealth technology has made things simpler for essential primary healthcare services. Wearables can be used to keep an eye over symptoms. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots can analyze initial diagnosis as stated symptoms by the patients.

What is telehealth? - CCHP
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There are a few challenges with telehealth opportunities. It requires tech-literacy among people to operate such devices and tools. Additionally, you have to avail of a strong network connection. Medical costs can go higher than you imagine so telehealth services should be covered by insurance.

In other words, the world has to be digitally ready, especially during the pandemic. Otherwise, the alarming statistic of losing a job among 200 million people might come into reality. As the pandemic accelerates the digitization has to accelerate. And, we believe that the above-mentioned technologies are here to stay for years, even if COVID 19 disappears.


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