Information Technology- The Coming of Age Career

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From browsing usual queries on search engines to checking WhatsApp texts, everything is related to Information Technology. Be it cloud computing, storage, networking, or infrastructure associated with computers, you have to take help from none other than Information Technology. 

Businesses of every scale are encountering potential benefits due to the implementation of Information Technology processes. Besides this, IT lets you connect with government organizations, bringing positive change to society, and transforming the usual way of education into interesting. Well, the derivations from the IT industry are literally endless. 

That’s why IT is emerging as the latest career option for students. Let’s find out the reasons behind selecting IT courses for a prosperous career.

Why should we choose IT as our career:

Many times I have come across individuals thinking of taking higher education and getting confused about which field to move into. This was the same doubt I had when I started my higher education after completing School. As I did my +2 or Senior High with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and an extra subject which was Physical Education and had been told that Engineering or Bachelors of Technology was the only option. 

Now when I look back I feel we people have many options to choose from and what we choose defines our future. So if we talk about IT or Information Technology as a future, I believe it is the coming of age Subject which broadens your horizon in getting to know the nitty-gritty of the technologies happening around you. So If you have chosen Engineering and are thinking of taking a stream or have already taken IT as a stream I congratulate you all for making the best decision in your life.

Now, this is for everyone residing in any parts of the world you might know or are familiar with the current scenario happening which has taken the world by storm, I feel this is the best time to self introspect our decisions as we as an individual have been more prone to Online or Internet which is a part of IT and this would be the next big thing as everyone seems to be dependent on it in some way or the other.

Well, if I talk about the opportunities, the market is changing rapidly and we are evolving accordingly. So there would be enormous opportunities in the field of IT. Companies that you might be familiar with like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook are looking for dynamic individuals who have a craze and passion to take their career ahead in IT.

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Also, I want you to know that I understand how you are going through, so I must suggest you do a lot of research and more profoundly ask someone in your neighbourhood or vicinity who has taken this field of education to get a better understanding and accordingly decide your next course of action.

We will talk about growing technologies in my next blog and how we should adapt to this changing scenario.

Thanks for listening and giving your time. Hope you all are well and taking good care of yourself. See you all in my next blog.

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6 Ways to Find a Balance in Work From Home Situation

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Life engulfing around the 4 walls of your home where personal and professional goals meet has been a bit messier on an all-around basis.

In short, our life is all the more hectic with too much work and no leisure to find for ourselves.

Written by Debjyoti

We would focus here on how we can find an intermediate path to this scenario of Work from Home jobs 

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1: Start your day by focusing on your inner self

When we wake up we always feel the urge to connect with our digital persona or our professional self but we can do to calm our mind from such initial distractions is looking into our inner self by retrospection and mindfulness of what we are doing like

  • Making our bed
  • Finishing off the unproductive work and then checking with the folks of the house about their well-being on that day 
  • A brief hands-on for the house where we live would help the others of more burden of household chores
  • Meditation involving breathing exercises and letting our thoughts flow instead of controlling
  • A brief stroll of 15 minutes or jogging for 15 minutes releases stress and eases our muscles
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2: Find a workable and detachable spot in your home 

Now this might be a bit tough or tricky considering the fact that many don’t have much co-working space considering the place, financial boundaries, and the number of family members they are living with but when I say we can try there seems to be a ray of hope in that tunnel.

A working space should be made in accordance with how an office cubicle is a setup, few pointers to keep in mind are:

  • The location of the setup should be near to the switch-board as a lot of wires would/can be connected. Also, if the switch-board doesn’t have many pins in accordance with your requirement an extension cable would be handy in such situation
  • Then, a space should be reasonable enough to accommodate a chair and a table where a desktop or a laptop can be placed.
  • It should not have too much or very little light/brightness in the background
  • The chair should be comfortable with good cushion and arm-rest to be comfortable, office chairs can be bought if it comes in budget or if work from home allowances or reimbursement is done from the office
  • The setup should be done in such a way that the background is neat and tidy and also it should face the wall which would help while attending Video conferences or meetings and would give a good impression to the interviewer.
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3: Essentials required at the Work setup

So in the previous lines, we discussed how can we setup our own work-from-home cubicle in the simplest way possible

Now we would discuss what all can be kept for a comfortable work of steady 8-9 hours without disturbing the rest of the family.

  • Decent Internet Connection considering the number of devices connected. For eg: I use a 100 Mbps connection for 6-7 devices connected
  • A bottle of water to rejuvenate in between long sitting hours.
  • A napkin/tissue/handkerchief to keep the hygiene.
  • A sanitizer to keep the Covid-19/Germs away.
  • A notebook and a pen to make note of bullet points
  • A good desktop/laptop home screen might cheer you up for the rest of the day where all the icons are arranged and it’s minimalistic and with a good sturdy wallpaper
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Helpful thought:

When you work please ensure the surrounding is calm otherwise it would hamper your peace of mind. It’s required to concentrate on the work you would be doing/getting into and that might hamper your efficiency. And, you might need to pull through a bit longer hours to finish which you could have in the stipulated time. Ask your family members to cooperate with you when you are busy with office responsibilities.

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4: Tiny Breaks to adjust your mind and realign it with your    body

Now when I say that I meant when you used to be in the office you might remember the breaks you used to take to have water or tea or snacks to relax and talk with your colleagues. 

Here we can’t do that so it is ok to think to give our best to finish off the work in time. But psychology works in such a way that the work gets delayed due to a coalition in the brain and the energy getting drained for long sitting hours continuously.

So, breaks of any kind are required to ease the situation. What I do in such cases are:

  • I get up from my chair in every 15-20 mins to ease the back and lower back muscles and do slight stretches to release the strain there
  • Additionally, I take a break after every 1.5-2 hours to walk for 5-10 mins to make sure that my muscles work around my legs. It helps in reducing the fat we take in and don’t find a way to take out in work from home online scenarios
  • I mandatorily have my lunch without checking my phone to focus on what I eat and I do that in my seating area/dining area and not in my work chair.

5: No work on Weekends

This is specifically for people who try to be over-productive than usual for hike and appraisal but remember that won’t fetch you hike as there can be a slight chance of appraisal but on the verge of losing your personal-professional work-life balance 2021.

When people are working for General Shift/Day shift mostly they work on Mon-Fri so we get Sat-Sun and are more smooth for such people.

When people are working 24/7 Shift where they are assigned Morning or Afternoon/Evening shifts. Their schedule sometimes is also extended for weekends and their off hours can be on weekdays also. So, make sure you get at least 1 off/weekend every week so that you refresh and rejuvenate and start with full energy to start a new week.

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6: Vacation/Take Leaves/Long Breaks

When you are working continuously and in such times when there is no travel, no festival and no other scope. We need to find ways to take vacation to take some time off to focus on our personal life and spend quality time with your family so that personal and professional life is balanced and life doesn’t seem boring and monotonous.

Pune Diaries

An escape from your daily life regime is important. It offers you space and time to explore yourself and test your endurance under immense pressure. 

Talking about my experience, I was confined to my city Kolkata for twelve long years. Well, I don’t want to bore you with the past. Let’s find out what I explored in Pune, especially when I decided to land in Pune amid lockdown.

Yeah, I am that foolish to start my solo journey and that’s too during COVID lockdown. Was I aware of the great places to visit in Pune? Absolutely not. Apart from regretting my decision just because of the lockdown situation, I would like to share a few glimpses of my Pune traveling. 

Day 1

It was 30 June’21 and my flight to Pune was destined for 7:50 a.m. I won’t hide the truth that this was going to be my first flight experience in life, ever. Packing my traveling bags, I was eagerly waiting for the moment to board the flight. But, the thing is that I wasn’t nervous at all. Still, I missed my wallet at the security checkpoint at Kolkata airport. Clumsy and forgetful! 

However, I boarded my flight timely and landed in Pune around 9:40 a.m. My friend received me from the airport. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had to meet my friend and take a small break from my monotonous life. My stay was almost twenty-minute away from the Pune airport.

Well, my solo trip ended here and it survived only from Kolkata to Pune via flight. After I got refreshed, I headed towards my friend’s house. There I enjoyed a lovely lunch made by aunty. After that, I strayed here and there with my friend, had some lip-smacking meals and drinks at 3 Musketeers. 

We ordered chicken chili, chicken nachos as starters. Along with them, we had tequila named Camino, and Kingfisher Premium beer. The place felt alive and sober with the right mood of music and vibe. If you plan a Pune trip and need to go to any pub then you can consider 3 Musketeers. It’s totally recommended.

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Then, I went back to my stay after arranging next-day plans to capture the beauty of Mahabaleshwar. The next day was going to be exciting.

Stay connected to know what happened next. Till then, ciao!

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