What to Pack for Your Next Solo Trip? The ‘Minima-list’

Is this your first time as a solo traveler? Or, do you want to repeat the same mistake for packing while getting ready for solo traveling? Whatever the instance be, you can’t go wrong this time because we would help you to pack the right things for your perfect and precise solo trip. So that you won’t miss a single thing for enjoying and surviving any critical situation.

So, let’s get started.

Travel Documents

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Are you sure that you have packed all your travel paperwork? Apart from flight information, visas, passports, and travel insurance, make sure that you have picked up hotel confirmations. Don’t forget to carry some cash and your valid credit and debit cards.


5 essential travel gadgets for every trip | Skycop

Always keep a universal adapter handy because electrical plugs vary from country to country. Pack your journal, pen, or iPad, Kindle, or whatever device you use. If you want to capture HD images then include your camera and all its accessories. Make space for your phone and Bluetooth earphone’s chargers and cables. If you can’t skip the laptop for working while traveling then pack the laptop and its AC adapter safely. On the other hand, you might not get a charging point everywhere; so, include a power bank on your packing list.

Clothes for Packing

It’s better to keep apparel as minimal as possible. Otherwise, you have to carry more than required. Therefore, go for matches and contrasts that you can alternate on other days. Select a color palette for clothing that can work together. When it comes to shoes, take at most two pairs of hoes that have already proved to be comfortable enough.

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For women, the luggage should carry at least two pairs of pants and a skirt. You can include dresses too but not more than two. Carry a light jacket or cardigan according to the weather of the place where you would stay. In addition, women must pack enough tops and a camisole. It would be better if you don’t forget some casual jewelry, belt, sunglasses, umbrella, comfy pajamas, underwear, bras, and socks. 

What To Wear When You're Travelling | Men's Style | Man For Himself

Now, if we have to revise the packing items for men then we would stick to two pairs of shoes. As a man, you should pack not more than three pairs of pants. Carry 4 T-shirts and one of them has to be solid white. Take a collared shirt with you along with a dress shirt. You can skip the blazer if it’s not required. Pack your belt and tie along with comfy wears, underwear, and socks. Additionally, you can include your favorite pair of sunglasses, vest, rain pants, and umbrella.

When you get back from the trip check out what you missed and what you didn’t use at all. This will give you an idea of what to pack and what to leave from next time.

Health-Specific Items

Let’s move on to the next category. You should be prepared to take care of your health. So, keep medicines handy that will help you in fever, cold, upset stomach, pain, and so on. Girls, don’t forget to pack extra sanitary napkins or tampons or the menstrual cup that you use. Include a tiny first-aid kit in case of little accidents.

Travelling with Medication Guide | Southgate Medical Centre
25 Essential Toiletries You Must Bring on Your Backpacking Trip — Tech &  Travel Advice

In addition, you have to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, soap, shave soap, hair products, conditioner, deodorant etc. Carry your make-up essentials in little but sufficient amounts. On the other hand, when the pandemic era is still running on, pack sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, etc. Want to know how you can deal with COVID-19 while traveling? Get a detailed guide here. If you suffer from any chronic illness, then carry your regular medicines and the prescription you follow, as well.

Some Practical Stuff

Don’t let the hunger inside you ruin all the enthusiasm for the trip. Pack some ready-to-eat food items. In addition, you should include a rope, torch, a swiss knife, an insect repellent, and a sufficient number of plastic bags. Carry a few passport-size photographs of yours if you need to render a SIM or any other service in the country. 

Now, divide all this stuff among your carry-on and check-in baggage as you require them. You can consider anti-theft baggage for the carry-on one. Be precise with the weight mentioned for each of the baggage. Carry delicate items on your carry-on backpack. Check out the restrictions of liquids, especially when you are boarding a flight. Last but not least, follow all the COVID-19  health protocols for a safe and secure journey.

5 Tools to Download Files over the Internet

The Internet is the never-ending source of knowledge and information which we all like to rely on. And, we like to save files that we feel are important for the upcoming future. However, the downloading speed or the virus checking procedure drives us utterly crazy. Here comes the role of download manager that can do wonders on your PC. Be it your Windows, Linux, or Mac device, the presence of download managers is overwhelming for flawless download of files.

Have you got a download manager on your PC? Don’t worry if you don’t. We have listed the best download managers for your computer that can easily check out the download procedure. Additionally, you can adjust the pausing and resuming functions through these tools. However, some download managers come for free whereas some are available against a valid subscription. Let’s find them out.

Free Download Manager

Are you looking for a download manager that can handle all your favorite Torrent content? Then, Free Download Manager is specially designed for you. Organize tonnes of downloads and make your computer download-efficient with this particular tool. How does Free Download Manager handle such big file downloads so efficiently?

Free Download Manager 6.14.2 for Windows - Download

Free Download Manager offers support for BitTorrent. Additionally, the software lets you notice what downloads are pending and what has been completed. With Free Download Manager, you can download any video or audio files on your PC. The software splits the entire file into different sections for effective download. And, users can resume the ongoing download that has been paused.

Download Accelerator Plus

As the name suggests, the download is going to be accelerated with the help of this tool. Download Accelerator Plus is one of the most reliable ways to download files faster. This specific software offers free video download, from any video site. On the other hand, Download Accelerator Plus comes with the richest mirroring servers’ database.

Download Download Accelerator Plus for Windows - Filehippo.com

The best thing about Download Accelerator Plus is that the software comes for free and all the content you can download through it is free, as well. In addition, the software will permit you to convert video files into audio ones in the format of MP3.

Down Them All

If you don’t want to download additional software for download management on your PC then you can go for this. Down Them All is a reliable add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. The integration with Mozilla Firefox is seamless and you can easily download images and links from the internet.

16 Best DownThemAll Alternatives - Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons -  Alternative

Users have the full authority to customize the time-out duration and to set the maximum number of downloads. You can pause and resume any download using Down Them All. The auto-renaming feature of this extension is totally awesome.

Ninja Download Manager

In case you are looking for a user-friendly interface for a download manager then you are going to love Ninja Download Manager. However, it doesn’t mean that the functions of the tools have been compromised to curate its styles. If you have to download multiple files at the same time then Ninja Download Manager is the trusted tool.

Ninja Download Manager Build 33 Free Download - Get Into PC

Users can preview downloading files. Additionally, you can schedule downloads at your convenience. No doubt, the overall download process with Ninja Download Manager is really fast. You can go for the free version of the tool; yet, the paid version comes with more optimal facilities.

Orbit Downloader

Are you a social media freak? Then, you might be searching for a download manager to download social media content. We find Orbit Downloader compatible with downloading files from social media platforms. The tool integrates with web-based interfaces of social networking sites.

Orbit for Windows - Download

If you have to save visual content on Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Myspace, and much more, then Orbit Downloader is a wise option. Moreover, the download manager boosts the overall downloading speed. Additionally, the tool isn’t going to take a lot of space on your computer and it is resource-friendly.

You might question why you need download managers when the downloading facilities are integrated functions of your web browsers. Well, browsers don’t allow downloading files from different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. Additionally, downloading multiple files simultaneously can stress out your browser. So, switch to a user-friendly download manager for a flawless downloading experience on your computer.

How to Stay Fit & Healthy| A Comprehensive Guide for Busy Individuals

Life merely gives you time to take care of your body. Sitting for long hours might drive you to put on weight and shading those additional kilos is not a matter of a joke. But, the reality is that you can’t escape from your work. Especially, when you’re working remotely, maintaining your fitness and health can be a bit challenging.

If you can’t join the gym due to the lack of time, don’t worry. You can manage your fitness factors even when you’re at home or busy all day with office work or domestic workloads. Grow some simple healthy habits and experience the change in your lifestyle. Here we are with a few health and fitness tips to keep you energetic and most importantly in shape.

Take a Break and Walk

A walk around the office can save you from vascular dysfunction

How long have you been sitting before your desk? If it’s been for hours then get up from the chair and walk for a while. Don’t sit for more than two hours in a stretch. If you have to attend calls then you can talk and walk around the room. The prime benefits of walking are improved cardiovascular fitness, getting rid of chances of heart diseases, and reducing body fat.

Exercise Regularly

How to get fit at any age: Best exercise and workout tips for your 20s,  40s, 60s and beyond

Exercises are not meant for a few days regime. You need to commit to exercises to keep yourself physically and soulfully fit. Start with an exercise routine for only 15 to 20 minutes. And, switch to an exercise format that suits you. The advantages of exercising daily are staying healthy, productive, and efficient. Initiate with easier exercises and then, upgrade to the difficult ones.

Take Stairs

Why I Always Take the Stairs | Inc.com

A busy work schedule can interrupt your exercise routine. Then, what are the ways to keep up with exercises? Use stairs instead of elevators and it can be a healthy habit for busy professionals. Apart from taking stairs, you can consider cycling or walking to nearby places instead of using any other vehicle. Find such instances in life that require energy and keep adding them to your exercise profile.

What about Water intake?

The benefits of drinking water - #RECHARGE

As per scientific explanation, lukewarm water can help in reducing weight. Lukewarm water is responsible for enhancing the metabolism rate and eradicating toxins from your body. Keep a thermos flask filled with lukewarm water handy and keep drinking. Apart from this, drinking water just before the meal can help you in reducing your appetite. Have a glass full of water before every meal and you’ll feel fuller. Additionally, it will control your hunger.

Avoid Junk Food

Can You Overcome The Junk Food Cycle?

Who doesn’t like cheeseburgers, pizza, processed meats, white bread, and so on? Everyone does, right? But, all these can lead you to obesity beyond your knowledge. Such foods can increase the cholesterol level in the blood and it can affect your heart. Don’t take risks with your body. Instead, cheat junk foods and make a healthy diet plan with weight-management food items. You can take advice from your nutritionist for the best and effective diet plan. However, you have to stick to the diet plan, no matter what happens.


How to Kick Back and Relax! (Really) | Diplomatic Language Services

Fitness doesn’t only refer to physical wellbeing. You have to keep your mind out of trouble and overthinking. For instant relief from stress and anxiety, try meditation. If it’s not your thing then you can take a hot bath at the end of the day. Watch your favorite content that makes you smile. Laughter can help you to eliminate unnecessary stress and anticipation from your life.

Curb Alcohol Consumption

How much alcohol is too much? The science is shifting. - Vox

An excessive amount of alcohol can upset your metabolic rate. And, the overall negative impact gets reflected on your body. Too much consumption of alcohol can make you fat and inactive. On the other hand, alcohol can trigger dehydration. You are consuming calories and they are of no use. So, limit your alcohol intake for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to this, you can eat 4 to 5 fruits every day. Keep fruits handy as a snack when you crave food. However, don’t go for dried and canned fruits as they can increase the calorie intake. Moreover, don’t forget to get a sound sleep. A night of poor sleep can result in lethargy, fatigue, and an unproductive day. So, improve your lifestyle and get back to fitness with these easy-to-follow tricks.

Make Windows PC Boot Faster with these 5 Tricks

Are you a Windows 10 user and nagging about the speedup process of the operating system? Then, you are not the only one suffering from this issue. When your Windows PC is booting up the time appears to be an eternity or so. Well, calm down because today you’ll learn how you can improve the Windows boot timing in simple methods.

While Windows 10 is claimed to be the fastest operating system in terms of booting, you might be expecting to avoid unnecessary waste of time while booting. Boost your productivity and save some time with the following tricks for Windows 10 PC.

Fast Startup

With the advent of Windows 10, users get to know the feature called Fast Startup. How does this work? When you enable this option, the PC will create a temporary file when it will shut down next time. It quite resembles the hibernation mode. The next time, when you switch on the PC, the computer starts accessing those temporary files. Therefore, it saves you some time every time your PC boots.

Here’s how you can activate Fast Startup:

  1. Open Settings and then head towards System. From the left pane, choose Power & Sleep option.
  2. Now, check out the right pane of the window and click Additional Power Settings. A new window will launch. Now, opt for Choose What the Power Buttons Do. you might notice an option mentioning Turn on Fast Startup along with a checkbox.
  3. The checkbox might have been grayed out. If it’s so, go for Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable at the top of the window. After that, uncheck the Fast Startup box and then check it again.
  4. Finally, click the Save Changes option.

Remove Startup Programs

The truth behind a sluggish boot-up process of Windows 10 can be a huge number of programs that start at the moment you turn on the Windows PC. No doubt, your Windows device will take more time to boot if there are too many programs running at the same time and competing for resources. 

So, you need to adjust the number of startup items to make the PC boot swiffer. And, the Task Manager will help you edit startup programs on your computer. Hold Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons to explore the Security options. Now, choose the Task Manager from the list of applications. 

As an alternative way, hold Ctrl, Shift, and Esc buttons together and directly land on the Task Manager window. Now, hit the Startup tab. The page will show you every single program that activates while Windows 10 starts up. Choose programs that you want to remove from the startup procedure. Make sure that you don’t disable any program that’s protecting your computer from security threats.

Update your Windows

Maybe, your Windows 10 version is lagging behind and doesn’t have access to the latest features. This is why, possibly, the operating system is taking more time than usual to boot up. So, get the latest Windows update and install it when you’re idle on your PC. it won’t interrupt your work timings.

Hold Windows and I buttons at the same time. The Settings window will open. Now, click Update & Security. Land on Windows Update. Furthermore, click on the Change Active Hours option. Command Windows when you like it to take and install the pending update. Additionally, keep the updates automatic so that your PC doesn’t miss a single update from next time.

Look for Security Threats

Believe it or not, but malware and other suspicious files can drive your Windows PC go terribly slow. Therefore, check if your PC has such suspicious content. Windows Security is a great in-built tool for Windows 10’s optimum security. Run a Quick Scan under the tab of Virus & threat protection that resides in the Windows Security option.

If your PC has any malware then remove them from your system. Call in professional assistance if the process seems difficult.

A Few Hardware Improvements…

In case none of the methods looks working for your PC, then your P might be crying for expert intervention. You can upgrade the RAM if your PC’s system requirements allow you to do so. Otherwise, installing a solid-state drive can help your computer to improve the boot time. And, if you don’t want to go for investments right now, then switch to Sleep mode to avoid a long boot time. However, the Sleep mode does use more power than Shut down does.

5 Proven Techniques to Enhance Wi-Fi Speed

Suffering from a slow internet connection? Well, that’s nothing new but can be very annoying especially when you are attending Zoom meetings. Who can you blame this for? There are majorly three components that can lead to slow internet and they are the Internet Service Provider, the Wi-Fi router, and the device that’s currently connected to the internet.

However, the good news is that you can increase the internet speed or the bandwidth with some easy tricks. Your system might have encountered some kind of technical glitch and can be resolved using the following ways. Let’s try them out one by one:

Restart your Wi-Fi Router

Why Rebooting Your Router Fixes So Many Problems (and Why You Have to Wait  10 Seconds)

This idea works pretty well for most devices and connections. A quick restart can eradicate the issue that your router has been facing. Switch off the power of your router along with the modem. Now, you have to wait for ten to twenty minutes. After that, reconnect the power cord of the router and switch it on.

Place the Router for Uninterrupted Internet Connection

If you’re availing poor network strength then there are chances that the connectivity might be disturbed by obstacles. Ensure that there is no significant barrier between your network-enabled device and the Wi-Fi router. For example, there should be no thick hindrances such as walls or doors.

6 Tips on Where to Place Your Wireless Router for the Best Signal/Coverage  | TP-Link

In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that you should not place any wireless device near the Wi-Fi router. Otherwise, it can deteriorate the bandwidth of the internet connection. Most importantly, your device should reside close to the Wi-Fi router. Or, just move your router to check and experiment with which location is the best for achieving the desired bandwidth.

Are you on the Right Frequency Band?

fRadio frequency bands play a vital role in deciding the speed of the connections. When it comes to diverse frequency bands, there are two options. They are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Talking about the 2.4GHz, it has some slower connections as compared to the 5GHz one. But, this frequency has better coverage.

Check if you’re connecting your devices with 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands. In case you’re using PCs, smart TVs, smartphones, and gaming consoles then the connected frequency band should be 5GHz. On the other hand, if you have to connect smart speakers, CCTV cameras, or smart home devices then you can rely upon the 2.4GHz frequency band.

Update the Firmware of your Router

Log into the interface of your Wi-Fi router to inspect whether your router lacks a firmware update. In case the update has been kept pending for days then different bugs might arise and they can slow down the internet connection, gradually. Updating the firmware will ensure that your router has got the latest technologies. Additionally, it will be safe from any security vulnerabilities. Check this hack out to improve the internet speed.

Use Wi-Fi Extender

If you have tried everything so far and the results are not that good then a wi-Fi extender can help you out. The responsibility of a Wi-Fi extender is to stretch the range of the internet so that you can include more devices in the network range. Try Wi-Fi boosters that can redistribute or improve the Wi-Fi signals for dead zones or new areas.

WiFi Extender Explained: What is it and Does it Boost Signals? - The Teal  Mango

As an alternative, you can put your trust in wired access points. To create one, simply connect a router to an Ethernet cable and you’ll be able to redistribute the Wi-Fi signal wherever you want. If you’re looking for a full coverage inside your large home, you can go with Mesh Wi-Fi systems.


Don’t forget to check if you’re facing this slow internet issue with only one single device or all the devices in your home. If it’s a particular device then the device might be faulty. In case the network issue is real for every device present in your house then you might have to replace the Wi-Fi router or the modem. Additionally, take a speed test of the internet connection you’re using to make sure that you’re paying for what you’re promised. Otherwise, change the Internet Service Provider for better and reliable internet connection.

How to Activate Windows Defender on your Windows 10 PC?

Thinking about how to keep security hassles at bay with your Windows PC? Digital insecurities are real and they can vary from viruses, malware to ransomware. Installing antivirus software can be a solution but it might come with bugs and unnecessary interruptions. Some users have even reported that their PCs have gone extremely slow after installing antivirus software.

Why go for such problematic software to eradicate online threats when you can avail of Windows Security? Windows Defender is a built-in security tool from Microsoft. Windows Defender offers virus and threat protection along with firewall, network, account protection. Additionally, Windows Security, the Windows 10 type of the former Windows Defender, takes care of device safety, performance, health, app, and browser control. Here’s how you can activate Windows Defender for the sake of your Windows 10 PC’s security.

  1. Press the Windows key to access the Start menu.
  2. Now, locate the program named Windows Security.
  3. On the next window, check if the Virus & threat protection is labeled with a green tick or not. If yes, then Windows Defender is active. If there’s no tick then it’s not activated. Proceed with the following instructions to enable it.
  4. Go with Virus & threat protection. Now, opt for Virus & threat protection settings.
  5. Check if the Real-time protection is active or not. If not, then toggle it on.

Apart from this, you can easily activate account protection, firewall, and network protection, and much more with Windows Security. When you are enabling real-time protection, make sure that you turn on the Cloud-delivered protection option, too. Additionally, don’t forget to look for security updates under the Virus & threat protection tab of Windows Security.

2 Easy Steps to Check if Any Company is Registered or Not in India

Is your company registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs? MCA or Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a specific portal of the government and it contains each and every detail regarding companies and Limited Liability Partnership.

In case you’re eager to discover whether your company is verified or not, you can use the MCA portal and check out the truth. Head towards the MCA website and find out the registration number, type of the company, directors, and so on. Here’s a straightforward way to verify if the company is registered or not in India.

Explore MCA Website

Click on the MCA website link to directly land on the official site page. Now, move the cursor on the MCA Services tab. Choose the option named ‘View Company/LLP Master Data’.

Provide Company Details

Type in the name of the company you’re inquiring about. Additionally, enter the CIN of the company and the captcha code. Opt for the Submit button. In case the portal finds a match then it will present you with the following details.

  • Company or LLP Name
  • CIN/LLPIN/1A Ref no.
  • Company category
  • Corresponding state
  • ROC information along with registration number
  • Public or private company
  • Date of incorporation
  • Active compliance
  • Email and other contact information
  • Listing Status
  • Directors or Signatory details

If it doesn’t find a match then the company isn’t registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Hopefully, this brief guide answers your query.

How to Travel Safely Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic?

Ready to travel again? But, this time the scenarios will be different; thanks to COVID. Vaccination might sound overwhelming; however, the process is not gonna happen overnight. Additionally, you have to take proactive approaches and thoughts before you think that you can fly to another state or country.

For example, you have to be sure whether COVID-19 is spreading where you’re heading towards. On the other hand, check out if the disease is spreading in your community. So, before you pack your luggage, take a look at all these precautions. Let’s check in detail what you should do before you book your flight or plan a trip.

How to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Points to Remember

Most states and countries are allowing those people who are fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated. If you’re planning a trip in the coming 3 to 4 months then it’s an ideal time to get your vaccine doses if you haven’t done it yet. After getting vaccinated, your body might take time to adjust to the antibodies it has produced.

That’s why you should prioritize your vaccination schedule. In addition to this, you have to take care of yourself if you’re suffering from a severe illness. The ill effects of COVID-19 can be deadly for specific existing illness factors. Definite medical conditions are at higher risk when exposed to COVID-19 infection.

Well, this is not only true for you but also for your loved ones. If you live with elderly people then you should be extra careful after you return from your trip. There might be chances that you’ve got no symptoms; still, you should isolate yourself from your family.

Last but not the least, check out if there are special restrictions or requirements at your destination. For instance, do you have to carry test reports or vaccination certificates while traveling? Besides the destination, the same rule applies to your home state, too. COVID restrictions vary from state to state, nation to nation. Hence, grab detailed information regarding your local state and destination city, beforehand.

How to Keep Yourself Safe While Traveling?

Hopefully, you’re not infected with COVID-19 and have managed to avail all the requirements for your trip. Well, this is not enough. Here’s what you should follow for each and every trip you conduct, especially in the COVID situation.

Tips for safe travel: 6 things to consider during COVID-19.
  • Maintain social distance, that is you should be at least six feet away from others.
  • Refrain yourself from touching surfaces such as elevator buttons, handrails, etc. In case you use them, immediately sanitize your hands.
  • Don’t forget to wear a face mask when you’re at public places. Infections are likely to spread in gatherings.
  • Don’t stay in contact with anyone who appears to be sick. 
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. Washing your hands is mandatory before eating, after sneezing, and coughing. If you can’t use soap, carry a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Pour a few drops in your hands and rub them till your hands get dry.
  • Additionally, you should not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth again and again.
  • Prevent yourself from eating or drinking anything in public places. Otherwise, you have to uncover your face. And, it will increase the chances of yours getting infected.

While Traveling via Car

Travel via flight might not be everyone’s thing. If you like to enjoy your road trip by car then you have to be selective about where to stop and take some rest. The following guidelines might help you to be prepared for your car trip.

Travelling with your family during COVID-19 | UNICEF
  • Try to take as minimal stops as possible. Don’t go overstressed if you feel drowsy; immediately take a safe stop.
  • You might be picking up food on the road. Ensure to stop by those restaurants that offer curbside or drive-thru services. However, it will be better if you pack up your food and water from your home. But it might not be possible for long road trips.
  • Carry face masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer along with your road trip. 
  • When your car requires fuel, make use of disinfectant wipes on surfaces before you touch them. When you’re done, use hand sanitizer.

On-Flight Precautions

There’s an advantage of traveling via airplanes during COVID situations. The air inside the airplanes is filtered. So, viruses don’t get much chance to spread on flights. Still, you have to be careful enough because social distancing might not be followed up when you are flying in a crowded airplane. Here’s what you should not miss while traveling on a flight.

Travel tips to stay safe and prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19 and  other infectious diseases - Times of India
  • You should wear a mask while going through thermal screening. If the officials request you to adjust your mask for the identification process then you might have to lower down your mask.
  • It will be better if you carry an e-boarding pass for your flight. This will minimize the chances of contacts.
  • Carry food items in transparent plastic bags in carry-on bags.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after completing the screening.

Hotel Restrictions

We think that it’s the hotel industry that has received the most damages during and post-pandemic situations. That’s why hotel industries are doing their best to convince travelers that hotels are the safest places to stay in. Additionally, they have made strict guidelines for keeping the maximum protection factors for their customers.

The hotel authorities make sure that every inch would be cleaned and sanitized at definite intervals. Additionally, masks are mandatory for both staff and guests. They are encouraging guests in contactless payment to keep the chances of infection at a minimum. If any guest becomes ill during his or her stay then there will be specific protocols such as sealing the room after sanitization.

Apart from this, you have to take care of your safety, too. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe the surfaces such as switches, tables, doorknobs, phones, and other gadgets. Consider washing dishes before you use them.

What Should You Pack?

After you’re 100% sure about your trip amid the pandemic situation, you can start packing. Besides loading your favorite apparel, don’t forget to pack these things in:

  • Medicines
  • Tissues
  • Extra face masks
  • Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Thermometer
  • Disinfectant wipes

Lastly, don’t risk your life if you’re feeling sick. It’s better to stay at home when you are waiting for the COVID-19 test results. You should not go for a trip if you are diagnosed with COVID but have no symptoms. Contact a physician if required. Stay alert, stay safe!

What to do if your Laptop Freezes More Often?

Is your laptop literally crawling to the task you gave it or it seems totally unresponsive? If yes, then your laptop might have been suffering from getting slowed down. When your laptop is handling too many applications in a single timeframe, the device might fail to source each of the applications with the right amount of resources such as memory or CPU spaces. Corrupt drives, not sufficient RAM, computer viruses, or any kind of software-related error can trigger such a scenario. And, your laptop screen appears frozen.

Why is My Laptop so Slow? 6 Common Reasons & Fixes (2020)

If you’re encountering such instances where the laptop freezes randomly and you can’t find a valid reason then you can try out some hacks that actually work. We have listed some effective tips for your laptop that keeps hanging.

Stall Couple of Minutes

Before you try any complicated trick, start with the simplest one. What to do when the laptop freezes and won’t turn off- if this is your query then you should give your laptop enough time to process the applications and their tasks pending in the queue. When your laptop is going through some CPU-intensive task then it will take a considerable amount of time to catch up.

What should I do when my computer keeps freezing?

Additionally, we would suggest you check if your external mouse is actually connected to the laptop. Well, this suits if you’re working with an external mouse, not with the built-in trackpad.

Reboot your Laptop

How can you restart your laptop when it’s not responding at all? Well, here’s the trick. Hold down the Power button until your laptop display goes blackout. It might take from five to ten seconds according to the laptop brand and variant. After two minutes or so, you can normally switch on the laptop by pressing the Power button once.

Now, restarting your laptop might threaten you as there are chances that you might lose the important task you were doing at that time. Duh! The saved changes or preferences can vary from program to program. For instance, if you have enabled the auto-saving option on documents and additional applications then you can recover those files even after you have rebooted your system.

On the other hand, you can try one more trick to retrieve your unsaved files. But, the process cannot guarantee success all the time. Go to the File option under that application. Then, move towards Info followed by Manage documents. Afterward, choose the Recover Unsaved Document option.

Kill the Culprit Program

What To Do If Your Laptop Freezes | PCMag

Rebooting can give you a clean slate if the issue was minor. However, your laptop can go back to the frozen state very soon if the normal rebooting hasn’t solved the error then you can experience chronic unresponsive instances. If it’s going beyond off-limits then you have to deal with the menace inside the Task Manager window. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Hold these three keys until you can notice a bunch of menus appear on your laptop screen: Ctrl, Alt, and Delete.
  2. Select Task Manager. In that window, you can observe the list of running applications at that point of time.
  3. In case you notice that some of the applications aren’t behaving normally or consuming more and more resources, select them individually. And, click on the End Task button.

This should work and if it doesn’t then you should uninstall those applications. Alternatively, you can find substitutes for those applications. Well, your laptop might malfunction or freeze more frequently if the hardware doesn’t match the system requirements for that particular application. In that case, you have to upgrade the hardware of your laptop.

Check if Overheating is the Villain

If your laptop is producing more heat than usual then your laptop might start freezing again and again. Make sure that you place your laptop in a well-ventilated place. Additionally, ensure that you should not place the laptop on something that looks like a plushie. Moreover, you can install an application that takes care of the temperature of your device and warns you if the temperature crosses a bearable limit.

Update Drivers

If there’s a gap between your computer hardware and the operating system then your laptop can go unresponsive. The blame goes to the drivers or we can say outdated drivers that get incompatible with the latest updates on computer software. Therefore, check if all drivers installed on your laptop are working fine. If required, update those drivers as soon as possible.

Get a Trusted Antivirus

Malware and virus attacks can paralyze your laptop. If you can’t find any other reason behind freezing then it can be viruses and malware. To be sure, install an antivirus software and inspect if your predictions are true. Call in experts to eliminate them from your machine.

Inspect the Hard Drive

Open the Command Prompt window. Enter the following command: wmic diskdrive. Well, you can go for this too: wmic diskdrive get model, status. The latter command will give you the model and status of the drive. If it’s anything different than OK then you should get in touch with an expert.

Hopefully, these tricks will help you get out of frozen laptop scenarios.

Thinking about a Spa Day at Home? 7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Well, thanks to the COVID situation, almost all of us are stuck at home. Life might be a great mess at this point of time, and having a spa might not be a solution to them. However, a spa day at home can release your stress factors and comfort your inner soul to make a fresh start. Take control of everything by pampering yourself in your exotic bathtub or take a hot shower after a little devotion to yourself.

If you haven’t had a spa day at home before then you need not fret out. Because it’s really simple and the fun thing about a spa at home is that you can personalize it, just the way you like it 😉! Make it hot and happening with the aroma you like or keep it as simple as applying a sheet mask. And, enjoy your ‘me-time’ with these easy spa hacks at your home. Who needs those ‘costs-a-fortune’ spa therapies when you can make your own spa at your residence? Experience luxury with the least effort you require for spa treatments.

  1. Enlight the Dais

You don’t have to turn your bathroom into a wellness center but there should be a minimum arrangement that is essential. First of all, your bathroom should be tidy enough. Dump clutter and make sure that nobody interrupts you at that time. Light aroma candles or use a humidifier for that professional-spa vibes.

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In addition, dim the lights and select a playlist of soothing songs. Don’t forget to grab your softest towels and wear your favorite bathrobe. If you’re into reading then you can carry away with your unfinished novels, too. Make it more relaxed with your favorite lemonade recipe or any drink you like. You’re doing all these to engage your senses so choose your add-ons as per your requirements.

  1. Start with Dry Brushing

After you have warmed up your necessities for your spa day, it’s time for some action. According to professional spa-therapists, dry brushing is something that you should never avoid. Generally, you might repeat the spa procedure once a month and dry brushing is a big yes for everyone. Before you jump to your cosiest shower enclosure, do a thorough dry brushing. 

Hopefully, you have a gentle body brush for such blissful events. However, you shouldn’t make random movements with the brush for this step. Ensure that you try circular and short strokes at the very beginning. Also, initiate from the lower parts of the body and gradually move upward. The direction should be towards your heart. What are the advantages of dry brushing, by the way?

Dry brushing exfoliates your skin and improves overall circulation. On the other hand, it gives you smoother and plump skin. Don’t escape applying a hydrating lotion after you’re done with the shower and spa.

  1. Mask for your Day-to-Day Glow

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The work stress, the pollution, and anything in between has stolen the magic of your skin. But, the credit goes to sheet masks or any kind of face mask that can retain your beauty and glow. When you are in the bathtub, wear a face mask and let it work on your skin. The quantity of serum infused in those masks is more than enough for your face, neck, and adjacent areas. Choose your favorite face mask and dive into the calm fragrance of the mask. Meanwhile, let the mask do its magic.

  1. Show Gratitude to your Hands and Feet

There has been the same mistake we all are repeating. And, that is not paying enough attention to our hands and feet. Additionally, the excessive use of hand wash and sanitizer is making our hands rough, lately. During the spa, you can reverse those effects by indulging in a hand massage with your choice of hand cream. A hand cream that contains hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter is great.

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In addition, your heels might have got cracks and are getting drier day by day. Soak your feet in bath salts and you might add your preferable essential oil (like eucalyptus one). Prepare the solution in a big bowl of warm water. Soak your feet in it and file your nails or read your favorite book.

  1. Take an Extravagant Shower

You shouldn’t want your hair to be neglected at the auspicious moment of the spa. When you are shampooing and conditioning your hair then you have to make use of a shower. The most important factor behind a pacifying shower is the temperature of the water. When everybody might argue for a steamy session, we think that you should proceed from hotter to colder temperatures.

This will benefit your skin and hair. Additionally, cold washing your hair tames all the frizz. On the other hand, this shower practice is good for blood circulation. Make sure that you keep the last three to five minutes neutralizing the water temperature with your body’s temperature.

  1. How about a Lymphatic Body Massage?

Availing a home spa night might drive you to think that you would miss a relaxing body massage. But, trust us, you can give yourself a lymphatic massage to ease up your body and boost your energy against stress. Start massaging your body gently up toward collarbones. However, make sure that you avoid your extremities.

When it comes to massaging body parts above the neck, give a little pressure and make the movements towards your collar bones. The massage part will be less complicated if you include this in your shower timings. Apply your body wash during the shower and massage your body. Or, you can incorporate the same when applying your body lotion after a shower.

  1. Don’t Forget your Eyes

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Admit it or not, we all are frustrated due to fatigued eyes or dark circles around our eyes. A DIY mask with cucumber, caffeine, and licorice root can do wonders for your eyes. If you’re too lazy to make one, pick up a commercial eye mask for treating your eyes. If nothing goes according to your choices, slice cucumber and place those slices on your eyes. This recipe from our grandmas’ still works.


After you’re done with everything you desire, you can dry out yourself and wrap yourself in your bathrobe. Make sure that you apply ample amounts of body lotion for hydration. So, this Sunday, you can try out these tips and avail an amazing spa day or spa night. Before you go to bed, engage yourself in some meditation practices to get a sound sleep.

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