How to Deal with Mental Stress &Anxiety during Pandemic?

The current scenario of the globe was beyond imagination even just a few years ago. 2020 has been a year with countless challenges and the tendency of the infectious outbreak doesn’t seem to be stopped, at any cost. To break the chain of the COVID-19 infection, scientists and doctors suggested a complete lock-down would be the best. 

Consequently, people are forced to stay inside. The fear of COVID-19  has disturbed the mental peace of people a million times. People are literally scared and they have to go through strict regulations. Getting locked inside the house might lower the risk of deadly infection but one thing is for sure that your mental dignity might be challenged due to unpredictable circumstances. 

If you keep looking over your minor anxiety measures, they all can sum up into severe depression. So, here are a few tips that would certainly help you overcome mental distress amidst the lock-down effects.

Plan a Daily Schedule

You might be pursuing work from home culture and switching back and forth to your personal and professional lives. It can invite pandemonium in your life and it is clearly unavoidable. Well, you can make the boundaries clear enough to keep your dedicated tasks separated from each other.

Come up with a daily routine divided into small and engaging activities. Practice your hobbies, keep exercising, or spend quality time with your family. Even if you’re working from 9 to 5, make sure that you follow a break to have lunch. And, don’t consider your working desk as your lunch table. Get up and take meals at their specific places. Eat healthy and green along with maintaining a sound sleep.

Take a Break from News Stories

Casualties and other bad news are likely to spread more. In the pandemic era, we have been encountering disastrous news from every nook of the world. And, it has greatly impacted mental health during the lock-down. You might judge us for this tip but it’s for your own sake.

Negative news might demotivate you and make you more anxious. So, it would be far better if you stop listening or watching them for a considerable period. Detach yourself from news channels and make your social media intake limited. These tiny habits will reverse the amplification of stress in your mind. Hide Facebook posts or mute Whats-App group notifications. We are hopeful that this trick would enhance your productivity, as well.

Socialize more than ever

This might sound vague to you when everyone is maintaining social distancing and strict lock-down guidelines. But, social outreach is the most anticipated way that can help you recover along with assisting others in the same way. Researches have proved that socializing can uplift anyone’s positive feelings. When you share your experience, emotions, and anything with anyone you know; it lets you get connected more than ever.

Additionally, socializing can reduce cortisol, one of the prime stress factors in our human body. So, keep your hesitations away and start talking to your family, friends, colleagues, and relatives with whom you can share your valuable moments. Arrange virtual conferences with them and stay connected, forever!

What’s more?

Look after your body. It’s not a secret anymore that your body will respond in the same way in which you have been nourishing it. Eat well-balanced meals and don’t compromise your sleeping hours. Try to exercise daily and keep practicing deep breaths as well as meditation. Don’t take tobacco or alcohol in excessive amounts. 

Get yourself vaccinated against COVID-19. And, if you’re struggling with immense mental stress then it’s high time you see a professional. Expert counselors are readily available to help you recover from stress. Get a virtual appointment and focus on your well-being. 

Leave comments if these tips appear beneficial for you. And, stay tuned for more such related content.


Pune Diaries Continues….

Hey guys! Thanks for remembering me. In my last blog, I mentioned my first-day experience in Pune. As you can recall, I left at the point when we were planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar. It’s almost monsoon in Pune and Mahabaleshwar turns out to be an exotic location this time. Well, I had only heard of this till I experienced the eternal beauty of the place.

Without any further ado, let’s resume the second-day affair with Pune.

Day 2

The Pune trip would be incomplete without traveling across Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, and associated places. So, my friend planned a family trip to the hill station. I was super-excited as I have always been fascinated by exploring hill stations. It was my friend’s birthday, as well. All of us had high expectations of exploring something new and exciting. And, the much anticipated day started with a voyage towards our destination at 7 a.m.

We had booked a cab for visiting all the sensational places of that hill station. The city landscape started dimming as we kept heading towards Mahabaleshwar. The journey was almost 5 and a half hours long and till we reached Mahabaleshwar. Yeah, we straightly went to Mahabaleshwar as we thought of discovering Pannchgani while returning.

Meanwhile, it started raining and the path turned into a mystic one. All we can witness is the proximity of clouds, greenery, and sky-soaring hills. Fogs around us gave us a creepy feeling but it was worth the shot. If you’re missing the term ‘solitude’ due to chaos in life then Mahabaleshwar is the perfect port of call for you.

However, Mahabaleshwar is famous for waterfalls, rivers, valleys, and temples. But alas! All the temples at Mahabaleshwar remained closed just because of lockdown protocols. We got more upset when we discovered all the spectacular sights of Mahabaleshwar were declared beyond access. Every popular point of Mahabaleshwar was closed.

And, we had to satisfy ourselves only with the views of valleys and waterfalls from a distant location. We clicked numerous photos of valleys while sitting in the car. Even, we came down to the car to capture more mesmerizing photos. Furthermore, we can’t underestimate the precautions of health regulations due to the pandemic situation. After all, we should respect the health guidelines for everyone’s sake.

After enjoying vada pav at Mahabaleshwar, we got into the cab. Our next destination was Panchgani. But, the same screenplay repeated for Panchgani as well. We couldn’t come across Mahabaleshwar points and Panchgani hill station. 

As an Alternative….

Well, it wasn’t a flop trip to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. We hopped from one shop around Mahabaleshwar temples. Took a rest from the never-ending journey and embraced the beauty of valleys and hills. Additionally, we stepped into the Mapro Garden where quality organic food items are available at a reasonable price. After discovering the blooms, garden, and edible products, we decided to have lunch there.

Ordered pizza, sandwiches, and french fries from the restaurant over there. We completed our sumptuous meal with a mouthful of chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream. 

When we ran out of options for discovering anything else, we boarded the car. And, it was time to return to the city. I wished that the journey never ends; but, that’s not possible. I always feel a heart-to-heart connection with hill stations, valleys, and everything around them. Yup, my discoveries around Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani might not be satisfactory enough. Yet, it was bliss and a much-needed break from my boring life.

All the memories and captures would stay with me, forever! So, it was how I spent my second day in Pune. To discover my daily dose of Pune encounters, keep visiting my blogs. And, don’t forget to keep yourself happy and safe.


6 Ways to Find a Balance in Work From Home Situation

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Life engulfing around the 4 walls of your home where personal and professional goals meet has been a bit messier on an all-around basis.

In short, our life is all the more hectic with too much work and no leisure to find for ourselves.

Written by Debjyoti

We would focus here on how we can find an intermediate path to this scenario of Work from Home jobs 

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1: Start your day by focusing on your inner self

When we wake up we always feel the urge to connect with our digital persona or our professional self but we can do to calm our mind from such initial distractions is looking into our inner self by retrospection and mindfulness of what we are doing like

  • Making our bed
  • Finishing off the unproductive work and then checking with the folks of the house about their well-being on that day 
  • A brief hands-on for the house where we live would help the others of more burden of household chores
  • Meditation involving breathing exercises and letting our thoughts flow instead of controlling
  • A brief stroll of 15 minutes or jogging for 15 minutes releases stress and eases our muscles
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2: Find a workable and detachable spot in your home 

Now this might be a bit tough or tricky considering the fact that many don’t have much co-working space considering the place, financial boundaries, and the number of family members they are living with but when I say we can try there seems to be a ray of hope in that tunnel.

A working space should be made in accordance with how an office cubicle is a setup, few pointers to keep in mind are:

  • The location of the setup should be near to the switch-board as a lot of wires would/can be connected. Also, if the switch-board doesn’t have many pins in accordance with your requirement an extension cable would be handy in such situation
  • Then, a space should be reasonable enough to accommodate a chair and a table where a desktop or a laptop can be placed.
  • It should not have too much or very little light/brightness in the background
  • The chair should be comfortable with good cushion and arm-rest to be comfortable, office chairs can be bought if it comes in budget or if work from home allowances or reimbursement is done from the office
  • The setup should be done in such a way that the background is neat and tidy and also it should face the wall which would help while attending Video conferences or meetings and would give a good impression to the interviewer.
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3: Essentials required at the Work setup

So in the previous lines, we discussed how can we setup our own work-from-home cubicle in the simplest way possible

Now we would discuss what all can be kept for a comfortable work of steady 8-9 hours without disturbing the rest of the family.

  • Decent Internet Connection considering the number of devices connected. For eg: I use a 100 Mbps connection for 6-7 devices connected
  • A bottle of water to rejuvenate in between long sitting hours.
  • A napkin/tissue/handkerchief to keep the hygiene.
  • A sanitizer to keep the Covid-19/Germs away.
  • A notebook and a pen to make note of bullet points
  • A good desktop/laptop home screen might cheer you up for the rest of the day where all the icons are arranged and it’s minimalistic and with a good sturdy wallpaper
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Helpful thought:

When you work please ensure the surrounding is calm otherwise it would hamper your peace of mind. It’s required to concentrate on the work you would be doing/getting into and that might hamper your efficiency. And, you might need to pull through a bit longer hours to finish which you could have in the stipulated time. Ask your family members to cooperate with you when you are busy with office responsibilities.

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4: Tiny Breaks to adjust your mind and realign it with your    body

Now when I say that I meant when you used to be in the office you might remember the breaks you used to take to have water or tea or snacks to relax and talk with your colleagues. 

Here we can’t do that so it is ok to think to give our best to finish off the work in time. But psychology works in such a way that the work gets delayed due to a coalition in the brain and the energy getting drained for long sitting hours continuously.

So, breaks of any kind are required to ease the situation. What I do in such cases are:

  • I get up from my chair in every 15-20 mins to ease the back and lower back muscles and do slight stretches to release the strain there
  • Additionally, I take a break after every 1.5-2 hours to walk for 5-10 mins to make sure that my muscles work around my legs. It helps in reducing the fat we take in and don’t find a way to take out in work from home online scenarios
  • I mandatorily have my lunch without checking my phone to focus on what I eat and I do that in my seating area/dining area and not in my work chair.

5: No work on Weekends

This is specifically for people who try to be over-productive than usual for hike and appraisal but remember that won’t fetch you hike as there can be a slight chance of appraisal but on the verge of losing your personal-professional work-life balance 2021.

When people are working for General Shift/Day shift mostly they work on Mon-Fri so we get Sat-Sun and are more smooth for such people.

When people are working 24/7 Shift where they are assigned Morning or Afternoon/Evening shifts. Their schedule sometimes is also extended for weekends and their off hours can be on weekdays also. So, make sure you get at least 1 off/weekend every week so that you refresh and rejuvenate and start with full energy to start a new week.

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6: Vacation/Take Leaves/Long Breaks

When you are working continuously and in such times when there is no travel, no festival and no other scope. We need to find ways to take vacation to take some time off to focus on our personal life and spend quality time with your family so that personal and professional life is balanced and life doesn’t seem boring and monotonous.

The Best Apple Watch to Buy in 2021

Are you an Apple freak? Apart from anticipating all the latest Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Macs, Apple Watches are one of the hotcakes due to impeccable fitness tracking amenities.  Additionally, you can use an Apple Watch as an extension of your iPhone. If you’re looking for something more than just a smartwatch the Apple Watch can be the best option for you.

Apple has released plenty of Apple Watches in the market and such luxury choices might confuse you. In addition, there are hardly any visible diversities among all the latest Apple Watches available. So, which Apple Watch Generation should you buy in 2021? Should you wait for the upcoming Apple Watch 7 series or pick up one from the existing ones? Let’s find out.

Latest and Best-Buy Apple Watches in the Market

Frankly speaking, the most recent Apple Watch from Apple has been announced in the last California Streaming event. Yet, the product hasn’t hit the market. So, if you’re looking for the most compatible and advanced Apple Watch then there are currently three options. Let’s review them and find which Apple Watch will be the best choice according to different preferences.

Apple Watch SE

When you are buying an Apple Watch for the first time and you are concerned about the budget as well as quality then you might consider the Apple Watch SE. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, Apple Watch SE is an amalgamation of Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 5. The display comes with a dimension of 40mm x 44mm. This smartwatch from Apple offers a light-blazing processor and the device is available with an LTE option apart from Wi-Fi one.

Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm) - Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band  : Amazon.in
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Apple Watch SE offers music storage of 16GB along with an ECG monitor, SpO2, and a brighter display facility. You can observe your heart rate with the help of the Apple Watch SE. Lastly, it can sync with Family Setup.

Apple Watch Series 3

In case you’re counting on a limited budget then the Apple Watch Series 3 is the prime choice for you. The best thing about Apple Watch Series 3 is that Apple keeps modifying the functioning of the smartwatch even if it’s a former Apple Watch Series. It is one of the cheapest fitness trackers from Apple right now.

Apple Watch Series 3 features built-in cellular and more - Apple (IN)
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However, this particular smartwatch lacks some of the latest fitness features but it can last for up to 18 hours. The display of the Apple Watch Series 3 measures 38mm x 42mm. You can keep track of heart health with Apple Watch Series 3. If you’re short on budget and still want an Apple Watch with the support for watchOS 7 then this is it.

Apple Watch Series 6

We can claim that this is the best overall Apple Watch in the market still now. Though there is no improvement with the battery life than the previous two smartwatches from Apple, this smartwatch comes with an always-on display. The display of the watch measures 40mm x 44mm. The music storage of the Apple Watch Series 6 is 32 GB and you can monitor blood oxygen levels with this.

Amazon.com: Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - (Product) RED - Aluminum  Case with (Product) RED - Sport Band : Electronics
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The fun fact regarding charging this beast watch is that you need not wait overnight to juice the watch up. It takes only 90 minutes to get charged. Additionally, Apple Watch Series 6 introduces you to sleep tracking as it comes with watchOS 7. The add-on of the latest operating system makes sure that you can utilize mobility metrics, brand new watch faces, and an automatic hand-wash timer.

Should you Wait for Apple Watch Series 7 to Come out?

The major observation from Apple Watch Series 7 is that you can have an updated and broad display. Apple claims that users will get 20 percent more screen room. And, you can literally type messages from your Apple Watch Series 7. 

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Series 6 | iMore
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Moreover, the upcoming release in the Apple watch lineup is going to have better water and dust-proof mechanism. Well, the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to knock in fall late this year. If you want to get something enhanced in the Apple Watch Series then you can wait for the Apple Watch Series 7. Otherwise, you can move on with any of the previous choices.

Time Blocking: Your Productivity Turner

Have you ever imagined how successful billionaires can make time for everything? Let’s take the example of Elon Musk who is handling both SpaceX and Tesla responsibilities and he still can find enough time for his family. His activity might resemble a superhero’s one but the truth is that he is effectively managing his 24 hours every day. And, this strategy is called time blocking.

Time blocking is a simple yet powerful technique that will plan out your schedules by creating definite time slots for particular activities. For instance, if you decide to dedicate the time between 9 a.m to 11 a.m for reading on a particular day then you are blocking that particular time slot.

The Complete Guide to Time Blocking
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What are the advantages of time blocking? First, you can set aside distractions with this strategy. You have been assigned a definite amount of time to complete a specific task and you are committed to finish that task within that scheduled time slot. So, you can be more focused on that particular job. On the other hand, you can keep the right pace and it makes you ooze out your productivity. After all, you can achieve an organized lifestyle with the help of consistent time blocking management.

Why Will Time Blocking Work for you?

Time blocking is not rocket science that you have to account for. It’s simple mathematics. Let’s take an example where you have to accomplish five tasks in the next five hours. If they are of the same priorities then you will assign the same time slot that is an hour for each of the tasks. However, it depends on you which job you need to finish first and it doesn’t matter much if you complete a specific task at the end of the day.

But, the thing is that you’re a human being, not a machine. Even a machine requires a specific amount of rest after working for hours. So, you have to assign breaks in your planning; otherwise, you’ll turn into a robot. Additionally, you don’t want to upset your family. So, finding time for your family members is as important as succeeding in life.

On the other hand, time blocking will keep you focused on your job. You can find a perfect balance between your professional and personal life with the help of time blocking. In addition, you can improve your hobbies and skills. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out how you can plan your daily schedule with time blocking.

Easy Steps to Create your own Time Blocking System

Remember your school days when you have to attend specific classes for a definite duration and it was no mess? Well, the same logic applies here for time blocking. However, the approaches might be a little different. Let’s check out how easily you can manage time for 365 days a year.

A Quick Guide to Time Blocking - ProjectManager.com
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Arrange Tasks in High to Low Priority Options

Take a second and think which of the following tasks will get priority to you: going through emails or creating the presentation for the next day? Well, we think that most of the readers will prioritize the latter ones. So, you have to make use of your priority standards to keep your tasks arranged from high to low one. Make sure that you block time slots for high-priority ones first and then assign the remaining time for leftover jobs.

Plan a Time Block Template

After you have decided your priority, it’s the time when you actually create blocks of time. Plan how you want to spend the morning and then leap into the work schedule. After that, you need to create blocks of time for yourself, your family, friends, and whoever you think is important. You can categorize your time for evening regime, family time, and most importantly, self-care time.

Apart from booking your time and blocking your schedule, you should be aware of the fact when to start and finish a definite time block. So, figure out the period and duration for every task.

Time Blocking: Making Your Time Worthwhile
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Add Discipline to your Management

Your time blocking management will be a fake promise to yourself if you can’t keep up the right and consistent action towards your schedule. Once you are able to create a single-day schedule, you can make it up for a week. You might repeat your workflow for days that can be repetitive. But, you have to make sure that you have to act upon the time blocking schedule. If you can’t commit to the time blocking system then there’s no use in it.

Test your System and Revise it

Congratulations if you have started following your time blocking management! Track your activities and keep experimenting if any task requires more or less time. So that you can revise the entire time block system and define it in a new way from the very next time. The main motto of the time blocking system is to make your day effectively productive.

Apart from these steps, you can use specific applications to digitize your daily schedule. You can have a look at to-do, time Tracker, or calendar apps for time blocking. Some recommendations are Clockify, Todoist, DigiCal, and Google Calendar. Additionally, you need not be too rigid with your time blocking system. Make sure that you can avail of some flexibility. Save time for your activities and relaxation, as well.

PUBG Mobile Back in India as Battlegrounds Mobile India

It’s an end to all the anticipation of mobile gamers with the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, formerly known as PUBG Mobile! No doubt, gamers have been missing PUBG Mobile since India had banned this particular game. And, it’s almost a year but, the good news is that the game has hit back in India. However, the name of the game has transformed into Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The game is available to be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store and App Store. What are the changes to the game except for the name? Battlegrounds Mobile India has only got a new name and some minor changes. There were rumors that the game will arrive with OTP verification to forbid younger players. On the other hand, the game was supposed to have an India-specific map to give it a premium feel. However, all the rumors didn’t come out to be true.

Aata hai, jata hai, aur phir wapas aa jata hai': Twitter goes crazy after  PUBG Mobile India to be back in new avatar
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Yet, there are some slight modifications in the game. The color of the blood has changed to green from red. In addition to this, users can set the limited time on Battlegrounds Mobile India with multiple warnings so that they can regulate the timing spent for the game. Moreover, you can set an account system on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Why was PUBG Mobile Banned in India?

The Indian government proposed a ban on PUBG Mobile due to the application development supported by Tencent, a Chinese company. The allegation against the company was that it was stealing data from users’ devices and sneaking into other information. Then, how did PUBG Mobile make a comeback in India? 

Krafton, a South Korean company, came to the rescue and helped in relaunching the same game in India, but with a different name. Additionally, it’s not only the name and the developer that were the main dilemma behind the ban. It’s the security aspects that shook the infrastructure of the trust regarding PUBG Mobile in the last year.

The owner of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton, announced a more secure experience for users. Meanwhile, the game has achieved Indian-customised features for gamers. However, we didn’t feel much change about the surroundings in the game. Perhaps, Krafton didn’t want to rupture the real essence of the game experience compared to the original PUBG Mobile. 

Gameplay, locations, weapons are overall the same as the previous one. The game will ask if you’re older than 18 or not. But, it lacks any proven method to justify whether the gamer is bluffing or not. So, it’s the same PUBG Mobile in the wrapping of Battlegrounds Mobile India. And, if you liked playing PUBG Mobile then you can absolutely download the game and play it on your smartphone.

Why Should You Buy iPhone 13? And Which One?

iPhone 13 has already hit the floor and Apple has started the official pre-order bookings of the revolutionary iPhone series of the year 2021. The iPhone 13 lineup follows the previous 12 lineups from last year. They are iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Should you buy a new iPhone this close to the 'iPhone 13' launch event? |  AppleInsider
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Now, users are in confusion about whether they should cling to iPhone 13 as it resembles iPhone 12. However, as promised by Apple, you can avail more power and technology out of the iPhone 13 lineup. So, if you are in hesitation whether you should invest in the iPhone 13 then you should finish this guide.

Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 13 Lineup Member

Let’s come to the points straight. In case you haven’t upgraded your iPhone for a few years and you are sure that Apple is not going to offer you software support anymore then it’s high time that you upgrade your iPhone. For example, if it’s an iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 8 then you should upgrade it to iPhone 13. They might be technically working properly but the issue is the non-availability of iOS 15 that will probably knock on all the latest iPhones in the coming months.

Network connectivity and cellular speeds play an important factor in selecting the best phone in the market. After the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 lineup is the second Apple iPhone series that will support 5GG connectivity. Then, why should you go for iPhone 13 instead of iPhone 12? Guys, it’s all about speed and the ultra-wideband features that will keep you ahead of the network speeds of the iPhone 12. Additionally, Apple is partnering with more and more network coverage partners across the globe to make the performance really light-blazing.

Kuo: iPhone 13 5G mmWave Models to Be Available in More Countries -  MacRumors
image courtesy: Google

Are you a freak of photography and videography? Then, Apple welcomes you to the whole new world of Cinematic Mode and ProRes Video available on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro ranges, respectively. The iPhone 12 lineup was a terrific hit due to multiple cameras. Well, the iPhone 13 is not an exception in terms of the number of cameras. But, the features have definitely changed and you can now shoot and edit videos just like movies.

What is iPhone 13 Cinematic mode? New Hollywood-style video feature  explained
image courtesy: Google
Pro Res Video not arriving on iPhone 13 Pro at launch | AppleInsider
image courtesy: Google

Finally, iPhone 13 is going to provide you the smoothest screen experience on the Earth. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max offers you a 120Hz ProMotion display. Enjoy binge-watching, scrolling, and playing AAA games easily on the iPhone 13 Pro lineup.

Reasons You Should Ignore Upgrading to iPhone 13 Series

In case you are thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 13 just because of a weak battery then you should think twice. Replacing the battery will go much cheaper than purchasing a whole new iPhone. Visit AppleCare+ to check whether your iPhone is still under warranty and there you can go for a battery replacement. Make sure that your iPhone’s battery capacity is lower than 80% to avail of this offer.

Whereas iPhone 13 adds up from 1.5 hours to at most 2.5 hours with a powerful A15 Bionic chip than the existing iPhone 12 series. So, you can just be happy with your iPhone if it’s just a battery issue. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 is nothing different from iPhone 12. It comes with almost similar design aspects. However, the colors are different. 

Which iPhone 13 You Should Buy?

Among the four recent launches of Apple, you can go with iPhone 13 Mini if you love to go compact and within budget. If you want to avoid excessively large screens then this 5.4-inch phone is enough for you.

If you don’t want to compromise with specifications and screen ratio then iPhone 13 is everyone’s favorite, and we think that it will be yours, too. This 6.1-inch iPhone is the best choice for existing iPhone users.

Apple introduces iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini - Apple
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And, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be for those who don’t care about budget too much as long as they are getting competent camera qualities. Additionally, much larger screens and more core GPU are some other reasons to switch to the iPhone 13 Pro lineup.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro May Feature Deep Black Color, But Not Orange, Alas
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So, look at the technical specifications of each iPhone 13 member. They vary in storage and color options. Obviously, there are huge differences among the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lineups. Undoubtedly, the iPhone 13 is a solid choice for an upgrade if you really acquire a pretty old iPhone.

4 Best Tech Trends Emerging from 2021

We are now living in the era of the pandemic and some things have completely changed. It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 has become a part of mankind and the world is adjusting to the new normal. Mandatories such as social distancing, stay-at-home, etc trends have disrupted social and professional life. However, that couldn’t stop us from functioning in society’s culture. 

USC experts explore how new technology can help combat the coronavirus
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The credit goes to all the advancements of technologies that have really found solid solutions to avoid that long-term impact of COVID-19. Businesses, consumers, and everyone are getting benefited from such technological trends. Let’s have a look at these magnificent tech trends that have initialized a new chapter even in the pandemic period.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payment Definition
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We have to admit that contactless payments couldn’t be more appropriate than in this situation. Whereas cash might carry the germ, contactless payments make sure that you need not worry about touching them. Be it digital payment platforms or digital cards, payments have got simplified. Yeah, contactless payments were there before the pandemic struck the globe. Still, the boost in the use of contactless payments is one of the COVID 19 technology innovations.

Online Learning

Social distancing has made us learn that dematerialization can have proficiency in the field of education. With the rising cases of infection, more than 1.6 billion students are forced to stay at home and not attend school. But, this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn from anywhere. Thanks to all those video conferencing tools, learning applications, and e-learning software, children can pursue learning at their own pace. 

5 Ways to Make Distance Learning Effective for Students
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However, every student should have access to a network-enabled device and steady internet connectivity in order to avail of remote learning facilities. The brighter side of this technology is that now more and more children can take advantage of remote learning. No doubt, the advent of the 5G network will accelerate the possibilities.

Remote Workspace

As the infection started to engulf country after country, many renowned companies declared work from home compulsory. Remote work requires cloud technology, virtual meetings, voice over Internet protocols, VPNs, collaboration tools, and much more. Remote working can control the spread of the virus. Additionally, employees can accomplish their workloads in a more flexible manner.

How Remote Working Is Reshaping A Future New World Of Work
image courtesy: Google

But, it’s not all about cupcakes and rainbow when it comes to work-from-home culture. Challenges are there and they can be threatening to both employees and the concerned companies. Cyber attacks can take place if the workspace is not safe enough. Additionally, not every type of job profile can be completed by the remote work facility.


Health issues have been bothering too much and it has become quite difficult for people to go to healthcare facilities during the surge of COVID 19. Telehealth technology has made things simpler for essential primary healthcare services. Wearables can be used to keep an eye over symptoms. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots can analyze initial diagnosis as stated symptoms by the patients.

What is telehealth? - CCHP
image courtesy: Google

There are a few challenges with telehealth opportunities. It requires tech-literacy among people to operate such devices and tools. Additionally, you have to avail of a strong network connection. Medical costs can go higher than you imagine so telehealth services should be covered by insurance.

In other words, the world has to be digitally ready, especially during the pandemic. Otherwise, the alarming statistic of losing a job among 200 million people might come into reality. As the pandemic accelerates the digitization has to accelerate. And, we believe that the above-mentioned technologies are here to stay for years, even if COVID 19 disappears.

6+ Best Hair Care Tips for any Season

Are you obsessed with long, shiny, and nourished hair? But, it all remains a dream because you can’t manage enough time to care for your hair. Additionally, most of us are following only chemical substances to grow hair healthy, magically. Don’t fall for the false promises from those profit-minding manufacturers who don’t give a damn about your hair.

On the other hand, it’s not always about what you use externally on your hair and scalp. Proper nutrition makes sure that your body parts, even hair, get equal chances to grow and glow. Here are a few proven tips that will keep your hair naturally beautiful, strong, and healthy.

Keep Maintaining a Regular Wash Regime

Washing your hair frequently is important, especially when you have to go out for work and other needs. Your scalp should be free from excessive oil and dirt so that hair can grow without any interruption. However, over-washing your hair is not a good thing.

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When you overly wash your hair, you are forcing the scalp’s natural oils to wash away. And, the scalp will generate more oil. As a consequence, you can experience oily scalp and hair. So, observe your scalp type and then decide whether you require shampoo today or not. And, use SLS and paraben-free shampoos for less damaged hair. Mild shampoos might take time to suit your hair type. So, keep experimenting and choose the one that suits your hair. 

Don’t Forget to Condition

Due to excessive chemicals in the shampoo, our hair tends to go dry and rough after a few hours of shampoo. Well, thanks to the already-existing frizziness of our hair, it can turn into a never-ending puzzle to some of us. To smooth the hair, conditioner is a must-have. In addition, if you apply too much heat to your strands then hair conditioners are saviors.

8 Affordable and Best Hair Conditioners in India You Must Try in 2021
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However, there’s one thing that we wish to rectify when it comes to hair conditioners. Make sure that you apply conditioners at hair strands or at the hair length. Don’t apply conditioner on the scalp; otherwise, it can lead to drastic hair fall. Rinse conditioner off your hair after the suggested period for conditioning. 

Oil your Hair

Has your hair-dresser asked you to skip on your regular oil massage on your hair? Well, they might have forbidden you to apply mineral oil on your scalp. But, there are plenty of advantages of oils such as almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

5 mistakes you are making while oiling your hair | Be Beautiful India
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So, when should you apply oil to your scalp and hair strands? Consider oiling and massaging your scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment. Oils help in growing hair, controlling split ends, and restoring moisture to your hair strands. 

Dry your Hair without Appliances

Blow drying might add additional charm to your hair but excessive heat can damage your hair. When it’s not a party day or special occasion. Try to air-dry your hair. While you’re using a towel to dry your hair, go with gentle strokes rather than forceful operations.

Thermal Damage From Heat Styling: What You Need to Know
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It will be better if you use an old, cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. In addition, never ever try to brush your wet hair. Wet hair is prone to breakage and you might face more hair loss due to tangled and wet hair. Never sleep in wet hair, as well.

Try an Egg Treatment

Eggs are whole protein and the protein can condition your hair naturally. If you’re dealing with dry and frizzy hair then egg whites can help you. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use egg yolk for your hair. Use the whole egg mixture or the egg-white on your scalp and hair.

Using Eggs for Hair Growth: Benefits & Side Effects
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Make sure that your scalp is clean and your hair is damp. Wait for twenty minutes and rinse off with a mild-fragrance shampoo.

Take Care of your Nutrition

Hair consists of amino acids and they are the functional units of protein. If you don’t feed them the right nutrition then they would turn dull, eventually. As you’re applying an egg mask on your hair, consider having eggs in your diet plan. 

The Role of Nutrition in Hair Loss: What to Eat to Keep Your Hair Healthy
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Besides eggs, include nuts, fish, sweet potatoes, berries, and green leafy vegetables into your diet. Iron deficiency can be another cause of hair loss. Ensure that you don’t run out of sufficient vitamin and mineral demands for your body. Moreover, drink at least two to three litres of water daily to keep hydration locked in your body and hair.

Things you should Avoid for your Lustrous Hair

Afterward, don’t go for hot showers. Hot showers can lead to your scalp being dry and prone to dandruff. Make sure that you don’t take additional stress. Try meditation and pursue your hobbies for best practices. Unnecessary stress can cause more hair fall. Avoid hair styling appliances that make use of heat. Dying, perming, and chemical hair treatments can interrupt hair growth by affecting hair follicles.

While practicing all these tips for your hair, have some patience. Results might differ from one hair type to another. All you need is consistency and love for yourself. See you soon!

What to Expect from Apple’s September 14 California Streaming?

Are you an Apple fan? Then, you should mark your calendar for September 14. The next Apple Grand event is destined for 14 September and we are really hyped regarding the latest Apple products. The first event from Apple was in April when Apple released iPad upgrades, AirTags, colorful iMacs, a purple color addition to iPhone 12, and much more. 

iPhone 13 Launch: Apple Sends Invite for September 14 'California  Streaming' Event, Here's What to Expect | Technology News
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Later, at the WWDC event of Apple or the developers’ event from Apple, we got to have a look at macOS Monterey, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8. Now, we can expect major Apple product launches from the upcoming Apple event this September. And, we are over-excited about the launch of the iPhone 13!

When will be it Held?

The next event from Apple is going to take place on September 14, and you have already come across this. The timing is 10 a.m PT, 1 p.m ET, 6 p.m BST, and 10:30 p.m IST. As observed from recent years’ statistics, Apple generally launches three to four events for releasing and launching different products and software upgrades. They are a spring event, summer developer event, and a single or at most two events in September and October.

When it comes to September then we have majorly encountered Apple Watch and iPhones. In addition, the October event of Apple comprises launching Macs and iPads. In 2020, the September event of Apple introduced Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, and upgraded iPad devices.

What to Expect at the Apple Event: New Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, No  iPhone 12 - MacRumors
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And, we had to wait till October for the iPhone 12. Apart from iPhone 12 and its adjacent smartphone series, Apple introduced us to HomePod and HomePod Mini. Probably, Apple might return to its usual schedule for September. However, the program will still stay virtual.

So, Devices to be Expected from Apple’s September Event?

There are lots of Apple products that tech-savvies are expecting from Apple’s September event. Let’s have a look at what Apple might launch on September’s California Streaming.

First of all, iPhone 13 is going to rock the floor with the same four variants as we have noticed for iPhone 12. They are probably gonna be iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phone range might receive upgrades in cameras, design, battery, and a few specs.

Apple September Event rumors: iPhone 13, iOS 15, more - 9to5Mac
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Additionally, Apple Watch 7 might show up with a more sleek design and improvements in battery life. The next-generation Apple AirPods 3 might be launched in this September event. And, if you are an iPad fan then you can expect an iPad Mini 6 this year. 

Apple can’t possibly forget the MacBook and iMac range. MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Apple Display, and Mac Pros might come up at Apple’s upcoming event. Last but not least, an Echo Show competitor might emerge from Apple. Apple is going to release iOS 15, macOS 12, and iPadOS 15 for the betterment of all Apple devices. 

Apple's Spring Event: what to expect - GSMArena.com news
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Rumors are there that we can even get an iPhone SE 3. So, let’s wait for the event to hit and experience the Apple magic.

Purchasing a Laptop? 8 Things to Watch out for

Laptops are the everyday go-to solution that we can carry with us, anywhere, anytime. They can go versatile and you can pick up the right laptop for you after evaluating a bunch of them. I think that everyone’s priorities are different when it comes to laptops. Buying a laptop can lead you to a whirlpool of confusion and every laptop will seem perfect for you. So, if you just jump over to the lucrative sites of laptop manufacturers then it will be a waste of time and effort.

That’s why you should be aware of the following terminologies before you just choose your next PC. I know that your next purchase is nothing less than an investment. And, you should be prepared with the practical requirements of a laptop.

Begin with Selecting the Right Operating System

What to look for when buying a laptop for school, college, or business? Before you go to prime system specifications, get to know which operating system will suit your job. Most laptops feature Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS for everyday functionality. Windows is one of the most flexible and reliable operating systems. There have been many improvements and user-friendliness on Windows 10. It would be a perfect choice if you have been using Windows PCs before.

Windows 10 vs. macOS vs. Chrome OS: Pick One for Students

On the other hand, if you own Apple products and you like to go with sync on your laptop then you can experiment with macOS. With every Mac product, macOS Big Sur will be introduced to the user. And, you can run iOS and iPadOS applications on macOS. Chrome OS is found on inexpensive Chromebooks and this operating system is simple and safe. This operating system comes with web applications that might not work well when you’re offline.

However, they are great for navigating social media platforms, checking emails, and binge-watching content. If you’re a school-going kid then Chromebooks are ideal. So, check out your OS requirements and look out for the perfect match.

Go for the Right Size

A laptop means portability. So, you have to find out which laptop will be as portable as you want. There are diverse sizes starting from 11 inches. If you want to carry the thinnest and lightest laptops and you’re a true traveler then you can go with the laptops measuring 11 to 12 inches. However, these laptops might not deliver powerful performance.

Best Laptop Sizes: For Which Lifestyle Does Each One Fit? – Gizbuyer Guide

To balance things up, laptops within the sizes of 13 and 14 inches can be your real buddy. If you are looking for bigger screen sizes and considering not too much traveling then laptops of between 15 and 16 inches will do great. You can have an eye on the 16-inch MacBook Pro series and check if they are worth it. Finally, if you are more into gaming then 17 to 18 inches laptops will keep productivity high. However, it will be a bit difficult to carry around.


Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s almost impossible to say no to Intel processors. When it strikes to performance, you can’t just skip Intel Core processors. If you’re searching for an entry-level PC then you can rely upon Core i3-powered notebooks. Whereas most of the basic powerful laptops flaunt Core i5. And, if you don’t wanna compromise with multitasking and performance then Core i7 is the ultimate choice to make.

I haven’t forgotten the Intel Core i9 processors either. By the way, you can’t just overlook powerful AMD Ryzen chips, as well. These are less expensive than Intel ones. So, if you’re looking for value for money deals then you can go with AMD Ryzen mobile chips. The concept of grabbing AMD Ryzen-powered PCs seems skeptical to you, so you should check out the compatibility of AMD CPU and AMD Vega graphics chipset for a reliable gaming experience.

Intel vs AMD: Which CPU platform is the best right now? | Ask a PC expert -  YouTube

The newest addition to the processor industry is Apple’s M1 processor. This is Apple’s own ARM-based processor. Since Apple started ditching the Intel Core processor, M1 has become the headline of the news. This processor is extremely powerful and provides comprehensive, light-blazing, and precise performance. 


The more the better, that’s what I can suggest to you when it comes to RAM. This memory is responsible for holding up necessary data when the processor is processing tasks. If RAM remains very small then the processor will have trouble loading data on and off. If you’re preferring normal usage on a Windows PC, then you should start looking from 8GB onwards.

What is RAM? | Random Access Memory Definition | Avast

In case you have to perform some hectic tasks such as video editing or compiling code, then you should settle for 16GB RAM, at least. Check out if the RAM comes with the DDR4 tag or not. DDR4 tag indicates that your RAM can provide sufficient speed while working. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to examine whether the RAM is available for your laptop with soldered to the motherboard. If that’s the situation then you can’t upgrade the RAM by yourself.


Are you ready to commit to spinning hard drives or solid-state drives? Hard drives are going out of fashion due to unnecessary add-ons to weights, noise, heat, and slow performance. Whereas a solid-state drive is a more reliable option as it doesn’t contribute much to the weight of the laptop. They can run silently and you’ll fall for the speedy performance of these solid-state drives. 

SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference?

However, there’s only one problem with SSDs. They don’t offer raw capacity. Additionally, SSDs can go a bit more expensive than spinning hard drive ones. Now, if you’re going with a laptop that offers you only SSD as storage then you should grab a 256GB SSD, at least. And, if you prefer a dual setup of both these storage options then consider a hard drive of at least 1TB and an SSD of 256GB.

Battery Life

Are you relying on the promise showcased in the laptop manufacturer’s advertisement for the laptop’s battery life? Well, that’s an ideal situation and they might not be counting screen resolution, brightness, running applications, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity while judging the battery performance. Chromebooks deliver a better battery life compared to Windows 10 PCs. Basically, it depends upon the workflow of your laptop and how you use it. 

Tips to Improve Battery Life - Bytevine

Instead of looking at the promised battery life in hours mentioned by the manufacturer, check out the battery capacity in mAh or Watt0hours. The more they will be, your laptop’s battery will ten to last longer. For best results, you should list laptops that provide a battery life rating within 44 Watt-hours to 50 Watt-hours.

Don’t Skip Touchpad and Keyboard

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem Fix

Ergonomics do matter and you have to spend a long time with your upcoming purchase, right? So, you have to make sure that your laptop comes with a comfortable keyboard and touchpad experience for convenience. Otherwise, a jumpy cursor or too many pressing keys are not expected at all after you spent so many bucks.

Look out for Ports

Laptop Ports Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

You might not consider ports as important as you minutely judge CPU, RAM, and other specifications. But, trust me, you should. As per my consideration, your PC should have one USB C, one microphone jack, and one USB A port, at least. Additionally, you should go for a laptop that relies upon USB C charging and has got an SD card reader, as well. Depending on USB C ports can minimize your stress as you might carry a single USB C cable for charging different devices.

Anything Else?

Well, of course, don’t forget to check out all the connectivity mediums for your laptop. In addition, choose a renowned brand no matter for which task you’re gonna use it. Moreover, you can go with a two-in-one convertible laptop if you have to carry it around. Last but not least, check out the build of the laptop before you make any commitment.

Teachers’ Day in India: Why Celebrated on September 5?

Today is September 5 and this day is celebrated to honor every teacher in India, especially. Talking about global facts, international Teachers’ day is destined for October 5. No doubt, teachers are responsible for bringing immense contributions and inspiration to students. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the auspicious birth anniversary of none other than, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was the first Vice President of independent India. Well, he was also the second President of India.

But, why do Indians mark Teachers’ Day on his birth anniversary? He was a highly-respected philosopher who was a great teacher and educationist at heart. It was 1962 when Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s students and friends asked for his permission to celebrate his upcoming birthday on September 5.

Why India Celebrates Teachers Day A Month Ahead Of The World

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who believed that teachers are the best minds of the country, urged them that he would be more grateful and honored if they observe his birthday as Teachers’ Day. Since then, September 5 has been followed to celebrate every teacher’s hard work, dedication, and disciplinary lifestyle and honor them with due respect.

Significance of Teachers’ Day

No matter which country celebrates Teachers’ Day on which date, we should acknowledge our teachers’ contributions every day. When they are showing the right path to youngsters with lifetime commitments and responsibilities, a day should be dedicated to them to entertain them. Teachers can reshape the destiny of students and they are one of the role models that we have come across.

Teacher's Day 2021

Teachers invoke goodness in us so that we can prosper as humble and worthy human beings. A teacher’s job is never easy and we express our gratitude to all our teachers on this specific day. Whether it’s September 5, or October 5, every nation might have been following different days for honoring teachers and teachers deserve this after facing infinite challenges and hardships, every day.

Celebration of Teachers’ Day

Since last year, we all are stuck inside our homes and school, colleagues are shut. Thanks to the virtual network that has kept us still in touch. So, you can call your teacher or surprise him or her with some heart-warming messages. A small effort from you can make your teacher’s day, or even his or her entire life of devotion towards students.

Why is Teachers' Day celebrated; when was it first observed | NewsBytes

Once this pandemic stops, we can expect things to get back to normal again. Again, schools and colleagues will be arranging activities to make teachers feel special with games, singing, dancing, or any kind of performance from students. Such small acts from the noble hearts of students can bring a smile to your teacher’s face. But, this year, send your teachers a gift or flowers with some hand-written Teachers’ Day wishes from your batchmates to honor them.

Cyberbullying: How to Prevent it?

Bullying was all there from school premises to buses and on the playground. Well, it has not been wiped out and has evolved to a more dangerous entity through the form of cyberbullying. The overall harassment concept has moved on to digital platforms where texts, social media, and emails are used to threaten someone or simply hamper their lives.

Cyberbullying: Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business - BizzyWeb |  Minneapolis Web Design & Digital Marketing

It’s no fun because there’s not a reverse button to undo the action. Things can escalate to their worst and might end in tragedy. Spreading lies or embarrassing content over social media can be counted as cyberbullying and it can go as powerful as devastating anyone’s life. So, we need to stop these. Here’s how you can stop cyberbullying to a great extent.

Talk to Someone

The majority of cases of cyberbullying happen with teenagers. According to a survey, more than 60% of teenagers consider cyberbullying a real problem. However, most teenagers don’t believe that schools, social media authorities, or politically empowered people can help them out. On the other hand, they keep it a secret from their parents as well if they are getting bullied on cyber.

How to Talk to Someone in Need of Help – WISE Wisconsin

Therefore, the lack of communication can weaken the victim. Parents must take a step forward in communicating with their children. Teenagers should open up more often to parents or who they trust about cyberbullying. It’s important to take serious action if you feel like your child has been bullied. Contacting the school administration or social media authorities can assist in this case.

Keep Evidence

If you’re receiving inappropriate images, texts, or threats from any particular one over text messages, email, and chats, keep them saved. If anything goes out of control you can clearly use those pieces of evidence for your own sake of innocence. Digital evidence can really help you to get out of unwanted nuisance.

Restrict Engagement

When you’re aware that you are receiving inappropriate content or threats from a stranger or you know, then it would be better that you stop engaging with them. Engaging with them will just increase your annoyance and anxiety and it can lead you to make a wrong decision. If it’s on social media then you can easily block them and report their accounts. Generally, any bully just wants to turn the anger into his or her victim. And, you have to prevent it from happening.

Study the Signs

This trick is specifically for parents. They have to understand how smartphones have inevitably become a necessity for every student and teenager. If your children are not expressing anything though you can notice anything which is not normal then you should be alert. Signs can vary but they might be similar in most cases of cyberbullying.

What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying on Children?

You might find that your kids are losing interest in what they were great at, or they might be skipping classes, or you can’t just justify a sudden fall in grades. Anything can happen; if you can observe any symptoms of depression, talk to them cordially. In case you take away his or her smart devices, the child can protest in an aggressive way. So, take the help of an expert to resolve such issues.

Protect Data

It feels good to share what you did all along the day on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. But, we have an objection to this. Please don’t share anything and everything that’s too personal on your FB and Insta accounts. Any bully can take advantage of this if you’re not aware enough.

They can hack into your personal data and use them to bully you on digital platforms. Keep posts private or let them circulate among your friends using dedicated features. If your child is minor then you can turn on the data security solutions to take help from cybersecurity aspects and keep passwords protected.

How to Heal from Cyberbullying?

If your child has suffered from cyberbullying then contact a renowned psychologist to gain his or her self-esteem back. If we don’t stand together for our loved ones then unexpected things can happen. So, it’s better to report cyberbullying rather than regretting past mistakes. Talk to the cyber victims and let them know that you are with them. Bring the positivity back to them to initiate a new self-empowered future.

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