PUBG Mobile Back in India as Battlegrounds Mobile India

It’s an end to all the anticipation of mobile gamers with the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, formerly known as PUBG Mobile! No doubt, gamers have been missing PUBG Mobile since India had banned this particular game. And, it’s almost a year but, the good news is that the game has hit back in India. However, the name of the game has transformed into Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The game is available to be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store and App Store. What are the changes to the game except for the name? Battlegrounds Mobile India has only got a new name and some minor changes. There were rumors that the game will arrive with OTP verification to forbid younger players. On the other hand, the game was supposed to have an India-specific map to give it a premium feel. However, all the rumors didn’t come out to be true.

Aata hai, jata hai, aur phir wapas aa jata hai': Twitter goes crazy after  PUBG Mobile India to be back in new avatar
image courtesy: Google

Yet, there are some slight modifications in the game. The color of the blood has changed to green from red. In addition to this, users can set the limited time on Battlegrounds Mobile India with multiple warnings so that they can regulate the timing spent for the game. Moreover, you can set an account system on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Why was PUBG Mobile Banned in India?

The Indian government proposed a ban on PUBG Mobile due to the application development supported by Tencent, a Chinese company. The allegation against the company was that it was stealing data from users’ devices and sneaking into other information. Then, how did PUBG Mobile make a comeback in India? 

Krafton, a South Korean company, came to the rescue and helped in relaunching the same game in India, but with a different name. Additionally, it’s not only the name and the developer that were the main dilemma behind the ban. It’s the security aspects that shook the infrastructure of the trust regarding PUBG Mobile in the last year.

The owner of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton, announced a more secure experience for users. Meanwhile, the game has achieved Indian-customised features for gamers. However, we didn’t feel much change about the surroundings in the game. Perhaps, Krafton didn’t want to rupture the real essence of the game experience compared to the original PUBG Mobile. 

Gameplay, locations, weapons are overall the same as the previous one. The game will ask if you’re older than 18 or not. But, it lacks any proven method to justify whether the gamer is bluffing or not. So, it’s the same PUBG Mobile in the wrapping of Battlegrounds Mobile India. And, if you liked playing PUBG Mobile then you can absolutely download the game and play it on your smartphone.


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