Why Should You Buy iPhone 13? And Which One?

iPhone 13 has already hit the floor and Apple has started the official pre-order bookings of the revolutionary iPhone series of the year 2021. The iPhone 13 lineup follows the previous 12 lineups from last year. They are iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Should you buy a new iPhone this close to the 'iPhone 13' launch event? |  AppleInsider
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Now, users are in confusion about whether they should cling to iPhone 13 as it resembles iPhone 12. However, as promised by Apple, you can avail more power and technology out of the iPhone 13 lineup. So, if you are in hesitation whether you should invest in the iPhone 13 then you should finish this guide.

Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 13 Lineup Member

Let’s come to the points straight. In case you haven’t upgraded your iPhone for a few years and you are sure that Apple is not going to offer you software support anymore then it’s high time that you upgrade your iPhone. For example, if it’s an iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 8 then you should upgrade it to iPhone 13. They might be technically working properly but the issue is the non-availability of iOS 15 that will probably knock on all the latest iPhones in the coming months.

Network connectivity and cellular speeds play an important factor in selecting the best phone in the market. After the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 lineup is the second Apple iPhone series that will support 5GG connectivity. Then, why should you go for iPhone 13 instead of iPhone 12? Guys, it’s all about speed and the ultra-wideband features that will keep you ahead of the network speeds of the iPhone 12. Additionally, Apple is partnering with more and more network coverage partners across the globe to make the performance really light-blazing.

Kuo: iPhone 13 5G mmWave Models to Be Available in More Countries -  MacRumors
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Are you a freak of photography and videography? Then, Apple welcomes you to the whole new world of Cinematic Mode and ProRes Video available on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro ranges, respectively. The iPhone 12 lineup was a terrific hit due to multiple cameras. Well, the iPhone 13 is not an exception in terms of the number of cameras. But, the features have definitely changed and you can now shoot and edit videos just like movies.

What is iPhone 13 Cinematic mode? New Hollywood-style video feature  explained
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Pro Res Video not arriving on iPhone 13 Pro at launch | AppleInsider
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Finally, iPhone 13 is going to provide you the smoothest screen experience on the Earth. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max offers you a 120Hz ProMotion display. Enjoy binge-watching, scrolling, and playing AAA games easily on the iPhone 13 Pro lineup.

Reasons You Should Ignore Upgrading to iPhone 13 Series

In case you are thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 13 just because of a weak battery then you should think twice. Replacing the battery will go much cheaper than purchasing a whole new iPhone. Visit AppleCare+ to check whether your iPhone is still under warranty and there you can go for a battery replacement. Make sure that your iPhone’s battery capacity is lower than 80% to avail of this offer.

Whereas iPhone 13 adds up from 1.5 hours to at most 2.5 hours with a powerful A15 Bionic chip than the existing iPhone 12 series. So, you can just be happy with your iPhone if it’s just a battery issue. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 is nothing different from iPhone 12. It comes with almost similar design aspects. However, the colors are different. 

Which iPhone 13 You Should Buy?

Among the four recent launches of Apple, you can go with iPhone 13 Mini if you love to go compact and within budget. If you want to avoid excessively large screens then this 5.4-inch phone is enough for you.

If you don’t want to compromise with specifications and screen ratio then iPhone 13 is everyone’s favorite, and we think that it will be yours, too. This 6.1-inch iPhone is the best choice for existing iPhone users.

Apple introduces iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini - Apple
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And, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be for those who don’t care about budget too much as long as they are getting competent camera qualities. Additionally, much larger screens and more core GPU are some other reasons to switch to the iPhone 13 Pro lineup.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro May Feature Deep Black Color, But Not Orange, Alas
image courtesy: Google

So, look at the technical specifications of each iPhone 13 member. They vary in storage and color options. Obviously, there are huge differences among the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lineups. Undoubtedly, the iPhone 13 is a solid choice for an upgrade if you really acquire a pretty old iPhone.


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