What to Pack for Your Next Solo Trip? The ‘Minima-list’

Is this your first time as a solo traveler? Or, do you want to repeat the same mistake for packing while getting ready for solo traveling? Whatever the instance be, you can’t go wrong this time because we would help you to pack the right things for your perfect and precise solo trip. So that you won’t miss a single thing for enjoying and surviving any critical situation.

So, let’s get started.

Travel Documents

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Are you sure that you have packed all your travel paperwork? Apart from flight information, visas, passports, and travel insurance, make sure that you have picked up hotel confirmations. Don’t forget to carry some cash and your valid credit and debit cards.


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Always keep a universal adapter handy because electrical plugs vary from country to country. Pack your journal, pen, or iPad, Kindle, or whatever device you use. If you want to capture HD images then include your camera and all its accessories. Make space for your phone and Bluetooth earphone’s chargers and cables. If you can’t skip the laptop for working while traveling then pack the laptop and its AC adapter safely. On the other hand, you might not get a charging point everywhere; so, include a power bank on your packing list.

Clothes for Packing

It’s better to keep apparel as minimal as possible. Otherwise, you have to carry more than required. Therefore, go for matches and contrasts that you can alternate on other days. Select a color palette for clothing that can work together. When it comes to shoes, take at most two pairs of hoes that have already proved to be comfortable enough.

Travel Jackets, Shoes, Pants & Clothing for Men & Women - BauBax

For women, the luggage should carry at least two pairs of pants and a skirt. You can include dresses too but not more than two. Carry a light jacket or cardigan according to the weather of the place where you would stay. In addition, women must pack enough tops and a camisole. It would be better if you don’t forget some casual jewelry, belt, sunglasses, umbrella, comfy pajamas, underwear, bras, and socks. 

What To Wear When You're Travelling | Men's Style | Man For Himself

Now, if we have to revise the packing items for men then we would stick to two pairs of shoes. As a man, you should pack not more than three pairs of pants. Carry 4 T-shirts and one of them has to be solid white. Take a collared shirt with you along with a dress shirt. You can skip the blazer if it’s not required. Pack your belt and tie along with comfy wears, underwear, and socks. Additionally, you can include your favorite pair of sunglasses, vest, rain pants, and umbrella.

When you get back from the trip check out what you missed and what you didn’t use at all. This will give you an idea of what to pack and what to leave from next time.

Health-Specific Items

Let’s move on to the next category. You should be prepared to take care of your health. So, keep medicines handy that will help you in fever, cold, upset stomach, pain, and so on. Girls, don’t forget to pack extra sanitary napkins or tampons or the menstrual cup that you use. Include a tiny first-aid kit in case of little accidents.

Travelling with Medication Guide | Southgate Medical Centre
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In addition, you have to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, soap, shave soap, hair products, conditioner, deodorant etc. Carry your make-up essentials in little but sufficient amounts. On the other hand, when the pandemic era is still running on, pack sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, etc. Want to know how you can deal with COVID-19 while traveling? Get a detailed guide here. If you suffer from any chronic illness, then carry your regular medicines and the prescription you follow, as well.

Some Practical Stuff

Don’t let the hunger inside you ruin all the enthusiasm for the trip. Pack some ready-to-eat food items. In addition, you should include a rope, torch, a swiss knife, an insect repellent, and a sufficient number of plastic bags. Carry a few passport-size photographs of yours if you need to render a SIM or any other service in the country. 

Now, divide all this stuff among your carry-on and check-in baggage as you require them. You can consider anti-theft baggage for the carry-on one. Be precise with the weight mentioned for each of the baggage. Carry delicate items on your carry-on backpack. Check out the restrictions of liquids, especially when you are boarding a flight. Last but not least, follow all the COVID-19  health protocols for a safe and secure journey.


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