5 Tools to Download Files over the Internet

The Internet is the never-ending source of knowledge and information which we all like to rely on. And, we like to save files that we feel are important for the upcoming future. However, the downloading speed or the virus checking procedure drives us utterly crazy. Here comes the role of download manager that can do wonders on your PC. Be it your Windows, Linux, or Mac device, the presence of download managers is overwhelming for flawless download of files.

Have you got a download manager on your PC? Don’t worry if you don’t. We have listed the best download managers for your computer that can easily check out the download procedure. Additionally, you can adjust the pausing and resuming functions through these tools. However, some download managers come for free whereas some are available against a valid subscription. Let’s find them out.

Free Download Manager

Are you looking for a download manager that can handle all your favorite Torrent content? Then, Free Download Manager is specially designed for you. Organize tonnes of downloads and make your computer download-efficient with this particular tool. How does Free Download Manager handle such big file downloads so efficiently?

Free Download Manager 6.14.2 for Windows - Download

Free Download Manager offers support for BitTorrent. Additionally, the software lets you notice what downloads are pending and what has been completed. With Free Download Manager, you can download any video or audio files on your PC. The software splits the entire file into different sections for effective download. And, users can resume the ongoing download that has been paused.

Download Accelerator Plus

As the name suggests, the download is going to be accelerated with the help of this tool. Download Accelerator Plus is one of the most reliable ways to download files faster. This specific software offers free video download, from any video site. On the other hand, Download Accelerator Plus comes with the richest mirroring servers’ database.

Download Download Accelerator Plus for Windows - Filehippo.com

The best thing about Download Accelerator Plus is that the software comes for free and all the content you can download through it is free, as well. In addition, the software will permit you to convert video files into audio ones in the format of MP3.

Down Them All

If you don’t want to download additional software for download management on your PC then you can go for this. Down Them All is a reliable add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. The integration with Mozilla Firefox is seamless and you can easily download images and links from the internet.

16 Best DownThemAll Alternatives - Reviews, Features, Pros & Cons -  Alternative

Users have the full authority to customize the time-out duration and to set the maximum number of downloads. You can pause and resume any download using Down Them All. The auto-renaming feature of this extension is totally awesome.

Ninja Download Manager

In case you are looking for a user-friendly interface for a download manager then you are going to love Ninja Download Manager. However, it doesn’t mean that the functions of the tools have been compromised to curate its styles. If you have to download multiple files at the same time then Ninja Download Manager is the trusted tool.

Ninja Download Manager Build 33 Free Download - Get Into PC

Users can preview downloading files. Additionally, you can schedule downloads at your convenience. No doubt, the overall download process with Ninja Download Manager is really fast. You can go for the free version of the tool; yet, the paid version comes with more optimal facilities.

Orbit Downloader

Are you a social media freak? Then, you might be searching for a download manager to download social media content. We find Orbit Downloader compatible with downloading files from social media platforms. The tool integrates with web-based interfaces of social networking sites.

Orbit for Windows - Download

If you have to save visual content on Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Myspace, and much more, then Orbit Downloader is a wise option. Moreover, the download manager boosts the overall downloading speed. Additionally, the tool isn’t going to take a lot of space on your computer and it is resource-friendly.

You might question why you need download managers when the downloading facilities are integrated functions of your web browsers. Well, browsers don’t allow downloading files from different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. Additionally, downloading multiple files simultaneously can stress out your browser. So, switch to a user-friendly download manager for a flawless downloading experience on your computer.


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