How to Delete Your Instagram Account?

Instagram can be cool and addictive, as well. If you want a little break from the limelight of Instagram then you can tone your habits down by deleting or disabling your Instagram account. If you are not sure about the differences between delete and disable then here it is: Disabling your Instagram account will give you chances to get back to your account whenever you want.

Additionally, all your posts remain saved by deactivating or disabling the account. On the other hand, deleting your Instagram account means that you’ll lose access to your account forever. You can’t be able to sign in to the account, thereafter.

How to Delete an Instagram Account?

The process can’t be done from your Instagram application that is installed on your smartphone. Either you have to use the smartphone browser or you have to rely upon a desktop web browser to delete the Instagram account. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Explore the web browser on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Open the Instagram website and sign in to your account by providing your username and password for that particular account.
Pic courtesy:Instagram
  1. After you have successfully logged in, you have to go with this delete my account page.
Pic Courtesy: Instagram
  1. A drop-down menu will open up and you need to select the reason why you’re deleting the account.
Pic Courtesy:Instagram
  1. Next, a prompt will ask you for your account’s password. Provide the password and after that, go for the Delete button.

Keep in mind that this won’t immediately erase all your Instagram account data. Instagram will take a time of minimum thirty days to erase your data. Till then, your Instagram account will no longer be available for public view or access.

Erasing all your data from Instagram can take a maximum of 90 days. In case of any natural calamity, software menace, or system failure, Instagram might recover all your data. You can read all the terms of use policy from the official Instagram website.

Want to Disable your Instagram Account, Instead?

If you don’t want your Instagram account to vanish permanently then you can do this trick. Deactivate your Instagram account just like this:

Photo Courtesy:Instagram
  1. Hopefully, you are still logged into your Instagram account. If not, then log into it on the web browser. Now, click on your Profile page. There will be an Edit Profile option just beside your username. Click on it.
  2. Scroll down the new page and locate the option that says: Temporarily disable my account.
  3. You need to choose a reason for disabling your Instagram account. Enter your account password.
  4. Finally, opt for ‘Temporarily Disable Account’.
Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Once you’re done, you can simply delete the Instagram application from your smartphone. If you wish to re-enter the same Instagram account then use the credentials to activate and use it.

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