11 Wardrobe Essentials Men Must Have

Fashion sense and the right one can be so powerful that they can turn an ordinary man into a real gentleman. Want to know how to make your wardrobe functional and carry the fashion smartly? Those are some timeless fashion statements that will merely be discarded in the upcoming future.

Where we respect each and everyone’s choices when it comes to fashion; still, we have some recommendations that can turn on the WOW factor in you. Here are our handpicked solutions for your fashionista venture, guys!

  1. Slim-Fit White Shirt
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White will never go out of trend and as a man, a shirt will be one of your best friends, all the time. Whether it’s about leaving a good impression in your corporate days or planning a date, a white shirt has got your back. Additionally, a slim fit will keep your appearance smart and convert you to a head-turner.

  1. Denim Jeans
3 Denim Jeans every Man should have in their wardrobe - Styled By Sally

Like to keep the overall dressing sense comfy yet appealing? A pair of denim jeans would do the job for you. We think that a couple of pairs of blue jeans will justify your wardrobe from the aspect of versatility and color matching.

  1. White Sneakers
The Best White Sneakers for Men in 2021

Sneakers don’t need any explanation to make their room in your wardrobe. And, if they’re white then you have got an extra advantage. Literally, they would go with any of your casual looks and identity. One thing’s for sure, try to keep them as brilliantly white as long they can be.

  1. Watch
The 24 Absolute Best Watches for Men in 2021 | The Manual

We know that you’re used to checking the time on your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other wearables. Still, we think that a watch complements both the formal and casual look of men. After all, you can tell the time when your smartphones go dead. So, a suitable analogue watch is a must for the masculine component.

  1. T-Shirt
Mens Cotton White Half Sleeve T-Shirt, Majumdar Garment | ID: 17620611348

A t-shirt is a go-to look for most men. And, we think that you should have plenty of them. In addition, you should opt for solid colors such as crisp white, grey, blu-ish, or anything that suits your physique.

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  1. Trousers or Chinos
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If jeans appear too casual or you’re not ready to commit to those suit pants then you can try chinos. The best thing about chinos or slim-fit trousers is that you can consider it for any season. Moreover, you can pair it up with a shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt & jacket, and so on. If you ask for the color option then navy blue chinos will probably go with anything.

  1. Wallets
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Well, you probably won’t carry your wallet in your hands. But, when you are going to pay for the dinner date or get-together then it might draw everyone’s attention. So, your wallet should look premium. Go with a black or brown wallet that looks elegant and matches your personality.

  1. Belt
Best belts for men 2021: Hackett to Gucci | British GQ | British GQ

When you are tucking in a shirt, a belt is a must. Otherwise, it won’t complete the gentleman’s attitude. To choose the right color for your belt, have a look at your shoes. You might be wearing leather or suede shoes when going out in a formal. If they are black go for a black belt or choose a dark, or light brown one. Make sure that the buckle of the belt looks classy.

  1. Slim Tie
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A perfect finishing touch to your office party is mandatory, we guess. And, a slim tie can save your day. You can wear a slim-fit white shirt with a pair of black trousers. A motif printed slim tie will just complete your look.

  1. Black Lace-up Shoes
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How can we forget your workwear or occasional needs? No, we haven’t and this is why we have listed black leather lace-up shoes. Keep your leather shoes tidy enough to carry them on any gala event. 

  1. Sunglasses
The 18 Best Sunglasses for Men to Wear During Summer 2021 | The Manual

Some might consider sunglasses optional but we think that it’s equally functional for men’s wardrobe. They add an additional chic to men’s wear and you can try them as per your face’s shape. Mostly, men prefer wayfarers and aviators. Additionally, the right color will add the right vibe to your personality and appearance.

So, these are 11 things that we think men should have in their wardrobes. These are our personal fashion opinions. Your choices might go a bit up or down with ours. But, acquiring a good color sense is important when it comes to men’s clothing ideas. So, experiment with keeping your color code in mind.

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