Turn Yourself into an iPhone Guru with these Hidden iPhone Tricks

Handling an iPhone? Ace the iPhone tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced level with us.

If you’re here then you’ve probably bought a dazzling new iPhone. First of all, congratulations on your latest purchase. Well, if you haven’t bought one recently and are using the older version then we might say that your Apple device is full of wonders. We can literally bet on instances that you haven’t discovered most of the cool and hidden features of your iPhone. 

iPhone Tips & Tricks: 34 Ways To Get More From Your Phone - Macworld UK
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Whether you’ve got the newest iPhone 12 Pro Max or the iPhone 7, if the device has iOS 14 inside then these tricks will literally blow your mind. We are pretty sure that you haven’t experienced most of these tricks never before. If you’re not an Apple fan yet, then these hacks would turn you on, no doubt. Let’s get into those under-the-radar iPhone tips and tricks 2021.

Tap on Back for almost Anything

With the advent of iOS 14, the iPhone has gone super smart and you have to see this. Though your iPhone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor on its back, it can still sense your gestures and taps. What’s more interesting? You can customize your iPhone’s functionality and make it do anything instantly with double-tap and triple-tap gestures. Thank us later; so, how can you assign such shortcuts on your iPhone?

How to use iPhone Back Tap custom controls in iOS 14 - 9to5Mac
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Tap on Settings->Accessibility->Touch. Scroll down and you can locate the option named Back Tap. under that option, there are options: Double Tap and Triple Tap. press on Double Tap and you can assign any task under System, Accessibility, Scroll Gestures, and Shortcuts. For example, you can assign the Lock Screen or App Switcher for convenient handling.

Done with the Double Tap? Now, you can proceed with the Triple Tap and get a task assigned for the triple tap. Go with a magnifier, screenshot, or anything that keeps you handy. After you’ve accomplished the task, just tap your iPhone’s back twice or thrice a row. We can see your awestruck face right from here! 😉

Toss the Keyboard Left or Right

Are you a righty or lefty? It does matter for iPhone devices. That’s why Apple has brought this input function to your typing regime. When you’re handling a larger iPhone with your single hand, typing can be frustrating and tiring. We are in the same shoes and can realize your pain.

How to use one-handed keyboard mode on iPhone
Image courtesy: Google

But, you shouldn’t suffer when you have an option to overcome this, right? Lean your iPhone keyboard at the left or right just holding your finger on the 🌐 or emoji icon. It will pop up the option to convert the keyboard into a right-aligned or a left-aligned keyboard. Go with your preference and ta-dah! Your iOS keyboard will shift according to your requirement. When you complete typing, tap the pointing arrow to reverse the action. There’s only one drawback with this trick: it works for portrait mode only.

Personalize Home Screen

The older mechanism of iPhones bringing every freshly downloaded app on the home screen might irritate you. iOS 14 has revised this and made a room for the App Library on iPhones. Now, users need not see all the applications on the home screen all the time. You can discard those apps that you merely use from the home screen.

iOS 14: How to Use the App Library on iPhone - MacRumors
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Here’s how you can do this: Head towards Settings. Tap on Home Screen and go to the ‘newly downloaded apps’ section. Select App Library Only option. And, all the newly downloaded applications will only appear in the App Library instead of both App Library and home screen. Pretty easy, huh!

QR Code Scanning?

Can be instantly done by an iPhone. Explore the built-in QR code scanner by swiping up from the top-bottom corner of your iPhone. It launches the Control Centre. Now, tap the QR-code scanner icon to scan a code. 

How to scan QR code on iPhone - Free QR Code Generator Online
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Want to Take a Slofie?

When it’s an iPhone there are infinite chances that you can do something out-of-the-box. If you’re using iPhones from the latest 11 and 12 series then you can shoot yourself in slow motion using the front camera. And, the best part of this venture is that you can activate this feature on the Camera app.

What's a Slofie? Apple moves to trademark this slo-mo camera feature
Image courtesy: Google

Tap Camera and then Slo-mo. Switch the Camera view from rear to front and initiate the recording.

Replace your Text Shortcuts with Full Phrases

Are you in a hurry while typing any text? Well, it can be messages, notes, emails, or anything else. We can relate to your tolerance level when you have to text those same phrases again and again. However, iOS has realized it and come up with a wonderful solution.

How to Set Up Text Replacements for Frequently Used Emoji and Special  Characters in iOS – The Sweet Setup
Image courtesy: Google

Utilize Text Replacements for implementing your long texts and phrases and you don’t have to type them in full. How’s that even possible? Go to Settings and tap General. Scroll to Keyboard and you’ll locate Text Replacement. Press the + sign to add a new replacement text to your iPhone. Add the sentence in the Phrase line and the shortcut in its corresponding line. For instance, you can save the text replacement for ‘I’m currently in a meeting’ with the shortcut ‘mtg’. The next time, you just type mtg and the entire sentence will show up. You can add as many text replacements as you want. It’s evidence that iPhones can save you both time and effort.

Hide Home Pages of Apps

Or, show the world what you want them to see. iOS offers you fully-controlled customization and lets you hide your apps. Firstly, you need to accumulate all those apps that you want to hide into a single page. Hold your finger on the iPhone’s screen until those apps start wiggling. You can notice dots for a scroll at the bottom of your iPhone.

How to Hide Home Screen App Pages on iPhone in iOS 14 - MacRumors
Image courtesy: Google

Tap on it and it will let you decide which pages to discard and which to keep. Check out those pages to hide those apps from spying eyes. 

Keep Track of your Menstrual Cycle

Since iOS 13 was released, the Health application launched a feature to monitor menstrual data for women. Log your period information such as start date, flow types, duration, symptoms, etc in the app. Users are allowed to specify whether they have witnessed spotting.

How to Set up Menstrual Cycle Tracking in Apple Health | appsntips
Image courtesy: Google

After logging the data for two to three months, iOS can predict your menstruation cycle possibilities almost accurately. Additionally, it can let you know when the fertile window is active. To start using this feature on your iPhone, follow the guidelines:

  • Explore Health. Look for Cycle Tracking.
  • You have to provide a set of data as your menstrual information.

Apart from tracking your menstrual cycle, you are free to keep checking on your sleep performance. Additionally, you can handle your mental stress during the lockdown, understand heart rate, and much more with those blogs available on the same app.

Tamper with Eye-Contact while FaceTiming

Wait a minute; we’re not over yet. You can play with the eye-contact while making a call on FaceTime. This trick will let the person on the other side think that you’re straight looking at them. When you’re looking at the screen.

How to fake eye contact on a FaceTime call
Image courtesy: Google

Toggle the Eye Contact option and it’s super easy. Tap on Settings and go to FaceTime. Under the section Eye Contact, activate the option. And, you’re ready to rock!

Well, that’s all for today guys! Hopefully, iOS 15 and macOS 12 will surprise us with some more productive tips and tricks for our life. If you want to discover more about iPhone hacks, mention it in the comment section, below. And, keep following Digitally Inclusive.

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