5 Online Shopping Secrets You’ve Wished You’d Known Before [for Girls]

Ever got your much-awaited dress and found it not fitting just before your date night? Well, girls, we understand your pain. And, this generally happens with online shopping when you can’t get the right fit even though you’ve ordered your usual size. But, the truth is that the size and fit standards vary widely from one e-commerce site to another.

As per fashion experts, it really needs time and good observation to pick the right size for yourself. On the other hand, those models flaunting those good-looking dresses have to go through couples of touch-ups, tailoring, and pins to make them feel really good to you. However, we have got some practical tips that would help you to go with the right size and fit when you consider online shopping.

Cross-Check Fit Guides

Almost every e-commerce site presents an overall fit guide for a particular dress or any clothing. Thoroughly check the measurements of neckline, bustline, and waistline to learn the actual fit. In addition, the length also matters. For that, check out the measurements provided for the model.

Women's Size Guide | Calvin Klein®

The site might have mentioned the height of the model and the size she’s wearing. In case you’re shorter than her then it will be a bit longer for you. The scenario reverses if you’re taller than the model. The fit guide might suggest picking up a size up or down for better fittings.

Search for Stretchy Pieces of Clothes

Or, you can find more clothing options that come with adjustable options. For example, a dress that has adjustable straps would definitely snug around your body perfectly than a dress with fixed straps. The same goes for footwear too. If you find anything with a buckle then you can make the required adjustments. Moreover, it won’t look bulky or provide you discomfort like a tight pump. In case of top and bottom-wear look for stretchy material.

Clothing That Fits All Sizes - Clothes That Stretch

Go for Dresses that Suits your Body-type

You’re aware of the shape of your body. Whether it’s pear-shaped or an hour-glass like any Hollywood celebrities, you should consider this factor for your next online purchase. An A-line dress can go for most of the body-types but a bodycon dress might not mirror your natural shape. Curvy girls are more comfortable to go with built-in waist dresses. 

Fashion and body types: Finding the right clothes for your body

However, it’s not an easy thing to discover which dress would go with your body shape. Nowadays, e-commerce sites have started displaying which dresses will look good on specific body-types. You can try their opinions or experiment with those dresses. After all, practice makes everything perfect.

Purchase Multiple Sizes of Same Thing

Yeah, returning all those not-required will be definitely frustrating. But, you can get your true-to-fit-size with this simple trick. Try to order the same dress or the clothing accessories of different sizes. First of all, check if the shopping site offers you free and doorstep shipping and returns. Otherwise, the process can go messy and expensive. For the best monetary result to be reflected back to your account used for shopping, go with a credit card.

Don’t Overlook Security Measures

Online shopping for your favourite dress is enough to excite you. But, you should be looking after the safety precautions while shopping online. Shop from renowned e-commerce sites and make sure that it’s not a duplicate one. Ensure that the URL has https. In case the price appears too good to be true then stay away from it.

Meanwhile, check the return policy and shipping guidelines for a better experience. To make the purchase, it’s a wise option to go with a credit card. It offers you the scope to report a fraudulent incident within a month. Meanwhile, stay aware of phishing emails.

Hopefully, these tricks would help you out for the next online shopping affair. Stay smart, stay protected.

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