Pune Diaries Continues….

Hey guys! Thanks for remembering me. In my last blog, I mentioned my first-day experience in Pune. As you can recall, I left at the point when we were planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar. It’s almost monsoon in Pune and Mahabaleshwar turns out to be an exotic location this time. Well, I had only heard of this till I experienced the eternal beauty of the place.

Without any further ado, let’s resume the second-day affair with Pune.

Day 2

The Pune trip would be incomplete without traveling across Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, and associated places. So, my friend planned a family trip to the hill station. I was super-excited as I have always been fascinated by exploring hill stations. It was my friend’s birthday, as well. All of us had high expectations of exploring something new and exciting. And, the much anticipated day started with a voyage towards our destination at 7 a.m.

We had booked a cab for visiting all the sensational places of that hill station. The city landscape started dimming as we kept heading towards Mahabaleshwar. The journey was almost 5 and a half hours long and till we reached Mahabaleshwar. Yeah, we straightly went to Mahabaleshwar as we thought of discovering Pannchgani while returning.

Meanwhile, it started raining and the path turned into a mystic one. All we can witness is the proximity of clouds, greenery, and sky-soaring hills. Fogs around us gave us a creepy feeling but it was worth the shot. If you’re missing the term ‘solitude’ due to chaos in life then Mahabaleshwar is the perfect port of call for you.

However, Mahabaleshwar is famous for waterfalls, rivers, valleys, and temples. But alas! All the temples at Mahabaleshwar remained closed just because of lockdown protocols. We got more upset when we discovered all the spectacular sights of Mahabaleshwar were declared beyond access. Every popular point of Mahabaleshwar was closed.

And, we had to satisfy ourselves only with the views of valleys and waterfalls from a distant location. We clicked numerous photos of valleys while sitting in the car. Even, we came down to the car to capture more mesmerizing photos. Furthermore, we can’t underestimate the precautions of health regulations due to the pandemic situation. After all, we should respect the health guidelines for everyone’s sake.

After enjoying vada pav at Mahabaleshwar, we got into the cab. Our next destination was Panchgani. But, the same screenplay repeated for Panchgani as well. We couldn’t come across Mahabaleshwar points and Panchgani hill station. 

As an Alternative….

Well, it wasn’t a flop trip to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. We hopped from one shop around Mahabaleshwar temples. Took a rest from the never-ending journey and embraced the beauty of valleys and hills. Additionally, we stepped into the Mapro Garden where quality organic food items are available at a reasonable price. After discovering the blooms, garden, and edible products, we decided to have lunch there.

Ordered pizza, sandwiches, and french fries from the restaurant over there. We completed our sumptuous meal with a mouthful of chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream. 

When we ran out of options for discovering anything else, we boarded the car. And, it was time to return to the city. I wished that the journey never ends; but, that’s not possible. I always feel a heart-to-heart connection with hill stations, valleys, and everything around them. Yup, my discoveries around Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani might not be satisfactory enough. Yet, it was bliss and a much-needed break from my boring life.

All the memories and captures would stay with me, forever! So, it was how I spent my second day in Pune. To discover my daily dose of Pune encounters, keep visiting my blogs. And, don’t forget to keep yourself happy and safe.

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